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Our literature review writing service is available to anyone who needs to write an in-depth critical discussion of the current academic literature relevant to their subject area, research project, dissertation or thesis. Whether your literature review is needed for a BA, BSc, MA, MSc, MBA, MPhil or PhD, we will assign you a personal academic expert in your field of study who can provide precisely the help you need in order to produce a first-class literature review, custom written and specifically tailored to your individual research project.

The Requirements of a Strong Literature Review 

When writing your dissertation proposal and outline you will likely have had to identify gaps in the existing literature that your research is designed to address. However, it would be a serious mistake to think that the principal purpose of your literature review is to make a case for the originality of your project or to give a mere overview of what has already been written in your topic and subject area. Rather than simply providing background contextualisation for your research, your literature review should be understood as an integral and hugely important part of that research itself. A strong literature review should comprise not only a detailed, critical discussion and synthesis of the relevant published research, but also build an argument that will form the theoretical backbone of your entire research project and thesis.

A Perfectly Crafted Literature Review Will:

  • provide the theoretical background to and justification for the research undertaken in the thesis while demonstrating mastery of all the relevant conceptual and theoretical tools pertaining to it;
  • demonstrate an intimate familiarity with the most relevant and up-to-date literature relating to your research project and of the  major lines of argument, theories and approaches that have been developed in the field;
  • provide an integrated overview of the progress made by other scholars on the topic of your research, summarising and critically evaluating an appropriate number of completed research projects relevantly similar to your own;
  • clearly define the scope of your discussion, explaining what you are and are not going to write about while providing arguments for your selection of the literature to be discussed and justifying any omissions;
  • provide critical discussions of the literature selected, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the research strategies, methodologies, analyses and arguments employed therein;
  • identify limitations in existing work and define the gap that you are going to fill with your research, constructing logical links between the deficiencies in the research and the aims of your project and demonstrating the manner in which your research questions emanate from gaps in the literature;
  • provide a clear conceptual framework for the reader in terms of which your research questions, hypotheses, methodology and analyses should be understood, thereby distilling from your critical discussion of the literature a theoretical framework that will form the conceptual foundations of the thesis as a whole. 

How We Can Help?

Our professional literature review writing service can help you with every aspect of your research mentioned above and much more besides. When you place an order to take advantage of our literature review writing service you will be assigned a personal academic adviser with vast experience of writing literature reviews of the highest quality in your specific subject area. Your personal academic adviser will be able to help you to write your literature review in such a way that the most relevant, up-to-date journal articles and books are summarised, synthesised, evaluated and integrated in such a way as to provide a clear and rigorously argued conceptual framework for your thesis as whole. This will not only serve as the theoretical backbone of your thesis but will also help to inform and justify your choice of methodology and analysis for the chapters which follow.

The Importance of a Good Literature Review

In most cases, the literature review will be the first chapter to be completed when writing your dissertation or thesis. The critical importance of this cannot be understated. The literature review chapter will help you set the aims and objectives of your thesis question by identifying the key gaps in the available literature. Naturally then, a strong literature review will in nearly all cases set the precedent for a stronger dissertation overall. Not to mention that the literature review can carry as much as 40% of the marks awarded for the dissertation. It therefore goes without saying that getting your literature review right is a hugely important factor for all students writing a dissertation or thesis and that using our literature review service can make a huge difference in the final outcome of the dissertations results.

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