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Preparing to retake college or university examinations can be a lonely and disheartening affair. While your fellow students are free to enjoy the summer, you are left with the prospect of having to go back to the drawing board and undertake your revision all over again. But where to start?

A Second Chance

First, it is imperative that you do not dwell on your setback but see it for what it is: a second chance, and a genuine opportunity to turn things around. Whatever you felt when you first received your results — shock, disappointment, embarrassment, shame, anger — the crucial thing is that you get over it and start planning a positive way forward as soon as possible.

A Wake-Up Call

While brooding over your disappointing results will do nobody any good, you do need to treat this as an invaluable wake-up call. If you did not get the results you wanted, there are reasons for that, and the sooner you work out what those reasons are the better. This is imperative in order to avoid the mistake made by all-too-many students: that is, simply doing what they did the first time round all over again.

What Went Wrong?

The crucial thing, then, is to understand exactly where you went wrong. It may be that you are completely in the dark about this, and your poor results came as a genuine shock. On the other hand, it may be that you are well aware that you have spent too much time socialising and too little studying. Whatever the case, there are two things you need to do: first, be honest with yourself about it; second: talk to someone.

Being Honest With Yourself

Being honest with yourself about why you didn’t achieve what you had hoped to is the first stage in setting things right. If you’re not honest with yourself about this, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to take proper advantage of the second chance you’ve been granted. But whether you’ve spent too much time partying, failed to keep up with your coursework, or neglected to seek help when you got stuck, having to resit  your exams will force you to take stock and reassess how you study. It is not uncommon for students to eventually look back on it a blessing in disguise.

Who to Contact?

Your first point of call should be your teacher, lecturer or tutor. If you approach them in the right way, you may find that they are prepared to go through your exam script with you and advise you as to where you went wrong. Failing that, you should at least ask to see your exam paper and request feedback on it. Don’t be surprised if they are not available to give you all the help you need, however, especially if your attendance has been poor.

How We Can Help

Our service can help you with every aspect of preparing to resit your exams. If you are able to get a photocopy of your exam script, you should send it along to us, along with a copy of your course syllabus and departmental marking criteria. We will then be able to assign a suitable academic expert in your field to provide all the feedback and help you need to properly prepare for your resits and ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes the second-time round. But even if you cannot get hold of your actual script, setting a mock test for yourself and sending us the results will work just as well.

Whether you need to gain a better understanding of your subject matter, include more critical discussion and elaboration, or simply refine your exam-writing technique, we can provide all the expertise to help you to truly turn things around.

Our resitting exam service can provide:

  • expertise in helping you to identity and understand exactly how, where and why you went wrong;
  • advice on the best course of action for correcting your mistakes and ensuring that you do much better in your resits;
  • detailed feedback on your exam script or mock test and how to go about it differently;
  • model answers to specific exam questions;
  • individually tailored exam-revision notes;
  • summaries of key articles, issues, theories, and debates;
  • critical analysis of specific arguments, theories, and case studies;
  • subject-specific advice on revision planning and time-management strategies;
  • estimated marks for your practice exams and drafts;
  • expert feedback on tightening up your essay writing technique, structuring your answers properly, and ensuring that you impress your examiners.

For some helpful tips on revising for exams, click here.

Consult an Expert

There is no better way to ensure you achieve the grade you desire than to consult an expert in the field. At Essay Writing Service UK we will assign you to an experienced academic mentor who will guide and assist you with the help you need to ace your exams.

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