What is an Action Research Paper?

The main reason for preparing a solution research paper is that you want to-

o Criticize some action in your community or life and you want to provide a change or a solution to the problem.

o A client has arranged a study of the problem and wants a solution which you can provide for the problem as soon as possible.

Doing an theory and methodology based thesis presentation is very effective as a research paper as you are writing the central theorem and then you are also doing laboratory or clinical practice to prove your idea. You could also use secondary sources on which you base your central idea but the main point is that you are doing a part of the research or the complete research methodology to prove your central idea of your paper.

A few areas where you can use research action methodology to tremendous advantage is-

* Action research used for work and community situation is just one area where you can apply your theory.

* Almost 30% of researchers do use this type of research methodology as it increases your knowledge and makes it an effective way to continue studying in an interested way.

* Doing an research and methodology thesis is very effective on your resume especially if you did some thing related to the job you were applying for.

* Action Thesis papers are interactive as you will have to interact with students and people to gather information on your research subject. Not as boring as picking up references form books and databases and simply writing your idea down.

But apart from that there are several drawbacks to having a theory and research paper like-

o These papers are much harder to do than conventional research as you have to take on

accumulation of data, analysis of data and co-relate that data into a argument which makes sense.

o You have the entire responsibility for the data as well as the research and the inference you draw from it. You have to set up the surveys to collect and filter statistical information and that’s very hard, mind-numbing work!

o Methodological perspective and principles vary from person to person and some examiners may not be very satisfied with want you have done. They may request studies which are deeper and analytical to increase the data accumulation. This can be very frustrating to students who have to rework data again and again to satisfy professors. There is also the problem of getting a much lower grade for all the work you have done if it’s not up to your professor’s standards. .

Action research papers are very interesting to do but you might not get the marks you are aiming to do. Discuss your strategy with your professor properly before you do go ahead with this type of paper.

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