Types of Business Communication Writing

There are many types of business communication writing methods and styles that influence how companies, corporations, governments, and institutions communicate with each other and share information. You might be surprised to learn that the various types of business communication writing – including emails, letters, and formal invitations – are actually similar in style. Keeping paragraphs and sentences relatively short is helpful when putting together virtually any kind of communication involving business writing. Read on to learn about business communication writing and the different types of these written documents.

Purpose of Business Writing

Business writing is a critical aspect of how people can share information with each other in an efficient, professional manner. Businesses work both online and offline, sharing information via letters with each other – especially since most communication is done away from the telephone and is instead completed via email.

We are often encouraged to write more simply and succinctly – in reality, most of our written communication these days involves some form of business writing. Keep reading to learn about styles, types, and formats of business communication writing and to learn how to implement it into your writing habits at work and at home.

Formal Style Can Be Key

Formality is a critical element of how business writing is conducted today. In fact, each document has to be considered as a legal document, and should be considered an important facet of a company or organization’s communication system.

This is why many types of business writing are considered official documents – and why more and more companies worry about what they write and how others perceive them through printed materials.

Think about the idea of sending a letter by post: if it is written in a very formal style and received by a business, it gives the impression that the writer of the letter is formal, courteous, polite, and helpful. Keep in mind that any information shared with business writing can be read by bosses, superiors, and administration in an organization, so you want to ensure you develop your style.

Personal vs. Polite Communication

Style is a critical element of business communication, since you have to manage to obtain a fine balance between being personable and being polite. Here are a few types of business communication writing that you might come across in your work:  advertisements, emailssnail mail, manual writing and writing about technology, recommendations and proposals, papers, and summaries. People use business writing to ask for a job, to inquire about opportunities, or even to resign from a current position.

Advertisement Writing and Email Writing

Many companies use business communication to advertise their company’s products, services, or goals. Business writing adds a level of seriousness to the advertisement, and makes the documentation seem official. Emails are often designed in a way that business communication writing is utilized to give easy access to information.

Business writing gives a formality to the writing, and can result in an increased profit – especially when coupled with less formal slogans and styles in a strategic format. Consider the fact that some businesses even count memo emails as official business documents: it is to your advantage to learn how to write in a formal, business style because it is an important part of most people’s everyday life.

Different Types, Similar Style

The main feature of business writing that ties all forms (memos, emails, letters, documents, etc.) together is the style. No matter what kinds of documents you are writing, you have to aim to be concise, to be clear, and to convey information in an effective way. Make sure that when you write, you can ensure that the writing style is simplified, streamlined, and organized.

If you are describing information for the benefit of another party, or if you want to showcase your skills, use effective, targeted language that will be very clear for a reader who skims your work. Even though there are different types of business communication writing, you can know that the simple style is effective in all sorts of written documents.

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