Title – The Reason We’re Waiting – Author – Pat Clor – Book Review

Did I read this book or maybe I only dreamed I did? How do I know I’m not still dreaming I’m writing this review? Perhaps the coffee I’m sipping is my reality check that I’m awake and writing this review, because everyone knows how difficult it is to sleep when your drinking coffee.

These are the tools Pat Clor uses for his juxtaposition of dimensional thought, his dancing through ontological realities, the twisting and spinning of cyclical logic. Pat Clor masterfully uses a character, Cindy Stark, a 12 year old girl from an imaginary world to personify his reality check in his extraordinary work of literary genius, “The Reason We’re Waiting.” Cindy is Clor’s “Alice” and Pangaea is where she lives, in “Wonderland.” Clor is like Lewis Carroll writing his doctorate thesis in Parmenides’ Greek philosophy course. How Pat Clor taps into this amount of mental energy is beyond me, as his writing is so clear and creative I find it massaging my intellect while tickling my imagination. I would never imagine making the comment “The Reason We’re Waiting,” at over 770 pages, “flew by.”

Pat Clor created a character who is a janitor in Walmart to narrate his epic story. That in itself has shock value to the reader as to how a janitor can become so consciously self-actualized. The story is a metaphor of fantasy, with fanciful characters running rampant. But the underlying meaning “peels the onion” on perception, of human existence, social and moral values, and most all aspects of life as we understand it, or rather how we misunderstand it. Just as Albert Einstein would use the analogy of a man on a train, traveling at the speed of light, walking to the front of the train is actually traveling faster than the speed of light, Pat Clor uses Cindy Stark, her family, the world she lives in to represent our misconceived human awareness.

It is impossible for me to adequately describe this book, but let me say that it is brilliant and refreshing. For me, “The Reason We’re Waiting” is simply for those who wish to gain a better understanding of themselves and their surroundings. This book, exceptional in its quality, is an excellent choice to get you started on that interminable journey towards the ever so elusive Truth.

Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for the cerebral ride-of-your life because Pat Clor does not hold back any punches. “The Reason We’re Waiting” is blatantly crude at times bordering on obscene, as Pat Clor gets down close and personal with his readers as no one is immune from his powerful literary license laced with stormy violent moments, discomforting criticism and upsetting visualizations. If you can’t take it, don’t read it. If you go through it, it will change you. The choice is yours. I would recommend a disclaimer needing to be signed before reading along with this — Caution: Serious mental and physical reactions may occur. Read “The Reason We’re Waiting” at your own risk.

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