Tips to overcome the stage fear and execute a successful speech

Public speaking is one of the most feared things among a large population of students around the world. However, this fear can be conquered with consistent practice and utter determination. This article discusses some of the important points that might help you to speak confidently.

Below are some tips that would assist on a daily basis. Read further to learn more about them.

Observe and learn from the professionals-

Learn from the professionals as this is the best way to remove your doubts. Watch interviews, motivational talks and pitching sessions to grab the idea of how to speak up at different occasions. Take notice of their volume control, body posture and the pauses that they take while speaking in public. However, never try to copy anyone’s style.

Collect information and write down what you wish to talk about-

It is beneficial to have a sound knowledge of what you are going to talk about. Collect all the known facts and statistics and present them in the form of story-telling, as this would keep the audience engaged to your speech. Write down important points in the form of bullets to make it easier for you to remember.

Standing tall automatically boosts your personality, so continue that all the time. Having a laid-back standing pose will hinder your speech, and listeners might feel disinterested in it soon. Be energetic and speak with a volume in the voice to make the people take pay attention to you.

Maintain an eye contact-

Eye contact is necessary to build a connection with the audience. Interact with the audience; crack a joke to loosen up. This also shows how confident you are and will help to acquire attention.

Decide the points to be included in the visuals-

If you are planning to present a presentation along with the speech, then decide the point that you will include in the slides and preferably make it concise. Make use of infographics, pictures and diagrams to brief it out. Also, get your slides in the correct sequence.

Edit the unnecessary portions-

Nobody wishes to hear lengthy speeches, so cut out the portion that is not necessary. Editing is important when it comes to summing up of your speech. Speak only what is necessary as the audience might get bored easily.

Rehearse speaking before the final day, as this would boost confidence in you. Also, you get to polish your speech before the final appearance. You can ask friends as well to take feedback. Rehearsing reduces inhibition to some level, although it is that on the spot charm that creates your speech a successful one.

Be yourself-

People get influenced by your personality more, therefore show them who you are rather than copying someone else. Share your experiences and put the audience at ease to form a connection.
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