The Meaning of 40 Acronyms You Always Wanted to Know

AcronymsSometimes when doing homework, you can come across some surprising combinations of letters. Some of them are acronyms, while others are abbreviations or Latin words. Don’t waste time browsing dictionaries every time you see them in the text. Here’s a list of top 40 meanings of acronyms and abbreviations every student should know:

  1. FYI means for your information.
  2. ETA estimated time of arrival.
  3. AKA stands for also known as.
  4. ATM is an automated teller machine.
  5. RIP is wat you can see on graves in the cemeteries. It’s rest in peace.
  6. ESL English as a second language.
  7. EFL English as a foreign language.
  8. DIY is do it yourself.
  9. IQ means intelligence quotient.
  10. GMO stands for genetically modified organism.
  11. PC personal computer.
  12. PR public relations.
  13. SOS save our souls.
  14. I.e. means in other words, and it comes from Latin.
  15. E.g.comes from Lain and it means for example.
  16. BYOB stands for bring your own beer. It means that you’re invited to a party, but you should bring your own drinks.
  17. PST means Pacific Standard Time.
  18. EST Eastern Standard Time.
  19. CST Central Standard Time.
  20. ISBN is the International Standard Book Number.
  21. TGIF thanks God it’s Friday
  22. UFO unidentified flying object.
  23. UN United Nations.
  24. UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund.
  25. VIP a very important person.
  26. WHO world health organization.
  27. WOM word of mouth.
  28. BC before Christ or because.
  29. ASAP as soon as possible.
  30. DOB date of birth.

Funny chat abbreviations:

  1. B4N means bye for now.
  2. ILY is I love you.
  3. BTW by the way.
  4. IMHO in my humble opinion.
  5. IRL in real life.
  6. J/K just kidding.
  7. OMG oh my God.
  8. LOL laugh out loud or lots of love.
  9. TTYL talk to you later.
  10. XOXO hugs and kisses.

Hopefully, it helps. Btw, have we missed anything?

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