References list- the life saver of an assignment from getting plagiarized

What do you understand by referencing?-

In general terms it can be said to be as a life saver of an assignment from getting plagiarized.
Referencing is the process of acknowledging the sources that you utilized in writing your assignment, essay or piece of work. It enables the reader to reach your source documents as quickly and easily as possible in order to verify, if required, the validity of your arguments and the documentation on which they are based.


You recognize sources by citing them in the text of your assignment called citation or in-text citations and sourcing them at the end of the assignment called reference list.

Different types of citation styles-

It is necessary that you correctly cite your source as it will support yo to remove plagiarism from your work. Do the necessary research for your citation style before using them in your document.
There are various citation style that a student need to use in their assignment. It can be either MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, Oxford, Turabian, Vancouver or any other style. Students need to complete there work in the citation style which their university follows or as assigned by their university professor.

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Avoid plagiarism-

Pia racy is considered as a serious issue in various colleges and universities around the world. Piracy means depicting some other persons thoughts, ideas, or words as your own. Therefore, it is very necessary to give the wok credit of its original writer to not plagiarize your work.

What initiates piracy?-

The usage of any phrase or the word of anyone else without providing them the relevant and appropriate praise. The not proved utilization of another person’s phrases, ideas or words in any communication medium is a severe crime, and the person can be subject to some disciplinary action which may involve failure of a course or university firing. Some of the common instance of piracy are:

• When a student copy assignment without relevant documentation i.e. citation or quotation marks or draft similar phrases, words, or sentences structure from any of the source.

• When a person without admitting relevant sources borrow graphs, facts, phrases, statistics, or pictorial representations

• Integrating on a ranked homework lacking the professor’s acceptance

• Submitting your work in parts or whole together completed by an expert of professional writing services.
Few of the other instances of piracy are given below-

• You ignore to provide a reference or citation for the information that you have summarized or paraphrased.

• Grab thoughts from a past event of professor’s blog and not providing relevant credit to the used thoughts in your document

• Article journal with information accumulated by scientist and utilize your data in an academic paper

Piracy accommodates very severe and harsh consequence. Whenever you utilize any other persons ideas, thoughts or any facts it is become very necessary to give them credit as a result to avoid plagiarism. Provide them credit by correctly utilizing quotations or paraphrase and always presenting right information related to the reference whenever you do so.

How to reference your work?

• The sources you are using, keep every details of it such as publisher, title, author, page number, volume issue, etc.

• In-text citations- It consists of the writers surname and the year. The date and title are used if there is no authors name.

• Accurate referencing- Use appropriate re fencing in your assignment with all the verified sources.

What is the benefit of proper referencing?

By referring to the works of established professionals and authorities in your subject area, you can add weight to your comments and arguments. This supports to demonstrate that you have read wisely and analyzed the writings of others. Remember, proper referencing can help you attain a better grade or mark. Most importantly, good referencing is vital to avoid any possibility of plagiarism

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