PR Relations With Celebrities

Competitiveness is the very definition of the film industry. And since the very beginning, celebrities need to publicize themselves if they want to stick around for a long time. And this also applies for movies. If the audience is not aware of your film or it fails to garner interest, your film is doomed, no matter how good your content is.

Here’s a look at Public Relations’ influence in the Hollywood and Bollywood industry.

How PR works in Hollywood

The work of publicists in the Hollywood industry is a tedious journey. Publicists are constantly involved in handling their A-list clients’ PR activities.

Whether it is building a positive image or handling the bad press and crafting a better image for a celebrity’s drunken escapades, PR firms work at maintaining a favorable image in the public. Apart from public image maintenance, PR agents help celebrities in sealing multi-million dollar movie deals and future projects.

PR relations of celebrities are the most common practice followed in the Hollywood industry. Right from the very-public Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart relationship to Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco short-but-unconfirmed relationships, PR agents use relationships to promote their respective projects.

PR works in Hollywood at a very fierce level with every celebrity aiming towards better coverage and positive public attention.

PR Influence in the Bollywood Industry

Earlier, posters and trailers were the biggest media to promote films in the Bollywood industry. But now, production companies need to muster larger, innovative ways to ignite interest in the minds of the audiences.

Some actors have a larger-than-life star presence and their movies do well irrespective of the promotions involved, say, any movie, which stars Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and the other A-listers. But creating such a huge impression in the minds of the audience is what PR firms work hard at.

Nowadays, PR firms are constantly involved in promoting their films in different ways, say, appearing on popular TV shows and reality programs. Celebrities also appear in interviews on popular media channels and internet blogs.

Co-branding movies and products is also a popular method of garnering huge interest of the public. This kind of strategy works best when there is a common ground between the movie and the particular brand.

This strategy worked brilliantly for the Hrithik Roshan-starrer “Krrish” as they partnered with the popular coloring brand ‘Rangeela’. Since the movie and the brand shared a common audience comprising children, this strategy worked for both the movie and the product.

PR Relations with Celebrities

Here are some of the common duties practiced by PR agents with celebrities

· Handling short-term crisis, involving misquotation, accidents, alcoholic incidents and various other sudden crises situations. This also includes mitigating bad press over a longer time to build a favorable public image.

· Find opportunities for new movies, red carpet appearances and setting up interviews with leading publications and media channels.

· Establish new connections to promote their celebrities for new opportunities.

· Track news related to the celebrities and tackle situations in case of false accusations. This also includes taking down celebrity photos and articles in case of any copyright violation.

· Build a celebrity online image by handling their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The film industry is a tough spot, where every celebrity works extremely hard making their presence known. Public Relations can be the best way for celebrities to build a favorable image and stay long in the industry.

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