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Academic writing is extensive and refers to a style of writing used by researchers to define their intellectual boundaries by use of argumentative facts and logical reasons of their disciplines and areas of expertise. Various things can be used to name a paper as an academic essay. Academic writing includes the use of formal tone, projected on a third person perspective and a clear focus on the research problem in question. The word choice of academic writing is very precise to match the audience reading the paper.


A research paper requires that one pays particular attention to some stylistic elements that bring the difference between an academic paper and other forms of writing. These stylistic elements include the diction and language used in the document, an academic convention which includes citing examples of where the facts utilized in the paper is found mentioned in the form of references. Evidence-based arguments are necessary as one expresses their point of view in a question. The point is to make one understand your argument and either agree or join you.

Online writing services come in handy to ensure you get an academic paper at a small fee that will guarantee you success. Paid assignment writing is a new thing and may not be encouraged by many but if you are overwhelmed and feel like you need quality work then enlisting the services of online writing comes in handy.

Writing assignments are very critical not just to ensure you get good grades but that your perspective and beliefs are incorporated into your line of expertise. Your type of writing can help solve an issue in the society, prove a new point that can be used by others or for many other different reasons. Below is some writing styles that is essential for a good assignment when correctly followed:

Research Papers

These are papers that expect a student to form a thesis (see Custom Thesis) and support it. Research papers entail posting a question and gathering evidence that helps answer the question. For example, a research question on the quality of education in public schools can be addressed by getting information from archival sites that explains how the public school system began and the processes it has undergone. The inclusion of locations that explains the how and why of the education system help answer the research question. It gives a perspective of how the public education has evolved the challenges faced and the mindset that draws from these by the current generation.

Critical Essays

These are assignments that ask a student to compose a short analytical essay that examines a primary document or a secondary document (see Primary vs. Secondary Sources) written by a scholar of history. A critical piece wants a student to offer support on what the historical researcher was aiming at and provide reasonable and credible evidence to support the things said by the author.

Historiographic Essays

The article studies the how of writing and composing the story of history. When a historian writes a Historiographic Essay they carefully examine methods other historians used to make their how and why claims and how that has affected the issues at hand in the present.

PrivateWriting mainly refers to paid writing where you find a particular person who does your research paper following your given instructions.

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PrivateWriting has experts in different fields that are available to answer your question ensuring that you get a research paper that assures you of good results.

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