OPT Occupational Therapist Job Openings

Talented professionals aiming to shape their career as occupational therapists can now find a number of OPT job openings in premium healthcare facilities throughout the United States. These include multi-specialty hospitals, nursing clinics, long term healthcare facilities, home healthcare agencies, rehabilitation centers, acute care clinics and several other settings.

Criteria for Utilizing OPT Job Openings

Optional Practical Training is an employment authorization given by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), for the students in F-1 status to work temporarily in areas related to their academic discipline. This program is intended to help the professionals gain more practical experience by applying the knowledge obtained through classroom training in real environments outside the campus.

For utilizing OPT job openings, the candidates must have enrolled with USCIS recognized schools continuously, at least for a period of nine months. Besides, they must have F-1 status at the time of applying. Students satisfying these prerequisites can undertake the program in the following four instances:

• As part-time (while the school is in session)
• As full-time (during annual vacation and at other times)
• After the completion of your degree course requirements ( but before the submission of thesis or dissertation)
• After obtaining your degree

To enable the students to work in their area of study for a longer timeframe, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the United States has recently extended the OPT training duration from 12 to 29 months. The students can therefore gather sufficient experience and concentrate more on their job search without being concerned about their graduation dates and so on.

Register with a Competent Staffing Service Provider

By depending on reliable healthcare staffing solution providers, one can easily find OPT job openings for occupational therapists. When you register with these agencies, they will provide expert assistance to secure permanent or temporary placements in competent medical care facilities providing attractive emoluments and benefits.

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