MLA Essay Format

What Is MLA Essay Format?

The Modern Language Association (MLA) Essay Format is a set of guidelines crafted using the MLA style by which students are to submit essays (small articles) to their professors. When constructing the essay, one must use Times New Roman 12 font. Next, one must make sure the essay has one-inch margins for all four corners. The essay should be double-spaced, with no unnecessary spacing between paragraphs. There should be a header with the person’s last name and page numbers at the top right of the essay. On the top left, the individual must have their first and last name, professor’s name, course title, and the due date. The title should be a line below the student identification information and should be capitalized. Parenthetical citation should be placed at the end of sentences that paraphrase or quote an idea (with the author’s name and book page number). The reference list of research books and journals must be attached to the end of the essay, via either a Works Cited page or bibliography.

What Are the Benefits of MLA Essay Format?

One benefit of the MLA Essay Format is that students who use the research format appear professional; their work does as well. First impressions of essays may not be everything, but they serve as the conduit by which a reputable professor or scholar will hear what a student has to say. A paper improperly formatted says to a professor or scholar that “What people think of me does not matter.” This attitude may hide one’s self-esteem issues, but it does not suffice for a first impression. If a student wants important people to notice him or her and deem him or her as professional, he or she must first have a positive self-concept and use the research format as a means to that end. Another benefit of the essay format is that a single format structure eliminates confusion and the possibility of numerous formats being used by different individuals in the same paper. Lastly, it shows that aside from articles, even essays can have an academic look to them. Research can be aesthetically pleasing, yet academic, at every level.

MLA Essay Format is an essay layout used by students of cinematic, art history, cultural, English, comparative literature, and historical studies. All research, whether essay or article, matters. What makes MLA so noteworthy is that the format can work for just about any genus of a paper one writes.

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