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The methodology chapter of your dissertation or thesis is arguably the most important section you will have to write. Since the quality of your final analyses, results and conclusions will depend on the quality of your data, and the quality of your data will depend in turn on the nature of your methodology, you may well find that this is the aspect of your research for which you are in need of most assistance. Our methodology writing service is designed to fill that need.

The Importance of Your Methodology Chapter

Deciding upon the most appropriate methodology for carrying out your research is a difficult task, but a crucially important one. In many ways your methodology chapter is the most important section of your writing, since the ultimate success or failure of your project will hinge on the strength or weakness of the methodologies employed. If your research design is methodologically flawed, your final analyses and results may be worthless, meaning that all your hard work will go to waste.

Planning Your Study and Research Methods

Given the enormous variety of research methods available, identifying the precise method or combinations of methods most suitable for your research can be a research project in itself. Even once you have decided upon your core objectives, the research questions and hypotheses you will explore, and forged a robust conceptual framework in the context of your literature review, it may still be far from obvious what the optimal methodological tools may be for carrying out the practical research and gathering the data. Deciding upon the optimal units of analysis, the size of your samples, the range of relevant variables to be examined, and the methods of data collection to be employed, are all tasks that require considerable attention to detail. You must take special care to analyse the reliability and feasibility of your data collection techniques, identifying any potential sources of bias and designing appropriate methods of controlling for them. You must also ensure that the data collected is of sufficient scope to produce meaningful results while being both tractable by your analytical tools and manageable with the resources and timeframe available to you.

Writing Your Methodology

When it comes to writing your methodology chapter, you must be able to explain the manner in which the data you collect will enable you to effectively address your research questions, as well as provide reasons why you chose the methods you did rather than any of the available alternatives. You must also explain what precautions you have taken against likely sources of bias and show that you are aware of the limitations of the research design. All of this will be crucial for ensuring the efficacy of your data analysis and for assessing the validity and robustness of the conclusions you arrive at in the final chapter of your thesis.

How We Can Help 

When you place an order with our customised methodology writing service you will be assigned a personal academic expert with vast experience in your subject area who will be able to advise you on every aspect of your research design and methodology. On the basis of the information you provide about the specific objectives of your research project and the questions and hypotheses it is designed to address, your personal advisor will be able to help you choose the optimal research methods for your project and to write a rigorous and compelling methodology chapter covering every angle necessary to ensure that your research is given the best possible chance of success.

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