It Is Never Too Late to Start Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is the incredible thinking tool that if you believe the Mind Map evangelists is currently taking the world by storm and is a craze sweeping the nation. Of course there is a bit of hype in those sorts of statements but the fact remains that Mind Mapping has become very popular in the last few years. This surge in interest has not been driven by the original paper based form of the technique but by the proliferation of multiple Mind Map software programs.

People are starting to latch on to the fact that using Mind Mapping on the computer makes thinking so much easier in a whole variety of ways. In my opinion this impact on the way we use our computer is much larger than the impact the original paper based form had on the way we think.

Mind Mapping has its roots in being a note taking tool designed for students. So as you would expect much of the initial growth and expansion of the use of the process has been in education. Schools and colleges up and down the nation started or are starting to embrace the concept.

It took a little longer for it to reach the higher echelons of further education but it is there. Mind Mapping started to appear in the business scenario either through enlightened individuals who read Tony Buzan’s original book on the topic (it has two different titles depending upon which side of the Atlantic you find yourself), or because parents had seen their kids use it.

The reason it has been embraced by so many people so quickly is because it is a powerful technique that works. It is as simple as that.

So what is Mind Mapping? Well it is a technique that takes the organization of ideas (either your own or those of others) and puts them in a format that our brain finds much easier to process, understand and remember. It uses key words and images giving it an efficiency in the capture of information that is a time saver and that adds to your productivity. It has a radiant branch-like structure that mirrors the way the neurons in our brain interconnect meaning the flow and memory of the information is much more effective. And it is created in color which stimulates more of our brain.

It has many uses in your personal, professional and business lives and as we have already mentioned it has tremendous benefits for those in education. What is most encouraging about learning the technique is that anyone can easily pick it up regardless of their age or status in life. Children as young as 5 take to it like a duck to water and CEOs of large international companies in their mid sixties embrace it just as easily.

It can be done by hand and there are some amazing benefits of doing it that way but to start with I’d suggest you have a go using a good Mind Map software package. This way you will get the idea of the process in just a few clicks of your mouse and you will be able to create stunning Mind Maps in minutes. If you want to use the paper and pen variety you can but I am finding with technology these days it is no longer necessary.

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