Is Selling With Conversational Hypnosis Ethical?

When I share the methods of conversational hypnosis with others the question of ethics often enters the conversation. So let me be absolutely clear: the methods of conversational hypnosis are extremely powerful and should be used only with your prospects’ best interests in mind.

In fact, I will not knowingly teach my methods to individuals who seek to use them to benefit themselves at the expense of others. When learning conversational hypnosis, you must do so with the intention of enhancing or otherwise improving the lives of your prospects.

Having said that, the methods of conversational hypnosis are neither ethical nor unethical. They are entirely neutral. The question of whether the methods will be used in an ethical manner is dependent upon the intention of the person applying them.

While many people look to conversational hypnosis for methods and techniques to externally persuade and influence others, there is no technique more powerful than the integrity of the individual and in professional selling, the company they represent.

Frankly, even though conversational hypnosis offers a host of methods and techniques for enhancing communication between you and your prospects; you could be stripped of these skills and still sell effectively as long as you continue to conduct yourself with integrity.

How is this possible? Your prospects, like all people, can sense when someone has their best interests at heart. They unconsciously pick up signals that reveal the integrity of another person through their communication and behavior.

Can you remember a time when someone was trying to influence you to do something and you sensed that they lacked integrity? How did you know? Was it their tone of voice? Was it the way they moved their body? Did it have anything to do with their eye contact? Did you sense that it was more important for them to sell you, rather than serve you?

My point is simple: find ways to get what you want by helping others get what they want.

Remember: as a general rule, the methods of conversational hypnosis are utilized ethically if you seek to achieve your own outcome(s) by helping your prospects get what is most important to them. Not only is this the most effective way to sell, it is the most rewarding. Both financially and emotionally.

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