Image Consultant for Writers Like Hermann Hesse


Image consultants can help writers, serving them in their career needs. But if a writer does not accept the help then the writer will not receive the benefit, which can be greater than the value of psychotherapy. The life of Hermann Hesse illustrates the value of image consultant services for writers.


Psychotherapy has failed writers. There are numerous examples of writers who went into psychoanalysis who emerged the same or worse. Take Woody Allen, for example. What evidence is there that he derived any substantial and lasting benefit from his time spent on the analyst’s couch? None. More than this, he is known to have put his two-year-old child into analysis. If this isn’t odd enough, neither of them derived any lasting value from the experience.

On the other hand, had they used an image consultant things might have been different. We’ll take a look at the life of Hermann Hesse, German author, to illustrate the thesis that an image consultant is superior to psychotherapy for an artist.

The image consultant examines a man and tells him what is right and wrong with his look. Hermann Hesse was a disheveled young boy. He was a rebellious adolescent. And he suffered numerous nervous breakdowns through his life. Even as an adult his hair was poorly cut. His clothes were tattered. He didn’t look like an artist, he looked like a clown. Certainly, an image consultant could have helped him. But instead, Hesse chose to seek out psychotherapy. It never helped him in any significant way.


Not an easy man to live with, Hesse ran into numerous problems with his wife. She and the entire family considered him difficult. He was a madman in many respects. His work as a writer reflects his preoccupation with his own interior mental state. Like Philip K. Dick, he was preoccupied with his own mental deterioration. And like VALIS, Dick’s most abstruse work, Hesse’s novels explore the realm of the mind. They often confuse readers. They also intrigue the young, who respond to the confusion as if it were their own.

But the confusion that haunted Hesse never left him, even after he received psychotherapy from Dr. Carl Jung, a colleague of Sigmund Freud. Hesse and his critics claim that he received inspiration from his work with Jung and Jung’s students. But anyone who knows Hesse’s life can see through this puffery. The psychoanalysis simply put high sounding ideas into Hesse’s mind. He transcribed these and put them into his novels, beginning with Demian. The book reads like a digest from the psychoanalytic society.

In addition to failing him psychologically, psychoanalysis drained Hesse of needed funds and ruined his marriage. He became so introverted he abandoned his wife. Even the classic Buddhist texts, which he claimed he revered, instruct disciples to avoid falling into this trap. J.D. Salinger knew this lesson, and put it into his work, most notably the Glass stories. But Hesse failed to learn any lessons of lasting value from his time with Jung.


What could Hesse have done? The answer was staring him in the face. He could have consulted with an image consultant. An image consultant would not have played mind games with him. A consultant would look at his exterior not his interior. A consultant would not make promises he could not keep. No consultant would give a man a series of bizarre notions, such as that there are archetypes floating around in your head. The fact is that an image consultant is grounded in reality. He can help you deal with reality and the way you look. This could have helped Hesse during his times of crisis.

Had he used an image consultant Hesse might never have had his nervous breakdowns. He might never have run into serious trouble with his wife, Maria Bernoulli. And he might never have written books that confuse most of his readers and spin off one Jungian theme after another. The man had real talent, and anyone who reads Steppenwolf knows. But why fill your books with nonsense when you could have been talking a bit more about the clothes the characters were wearing.

For example, we could have enjoyed more discussion of Hermine in Steppenwolf. She was a counterpart to Hesse’s own ego. But the novel is so confusing that half the time you don’t know what she’s wearing. An image consultant could have helped Hesse select a proper wardrobe for his main characters.

If you are an artist on the verge of a nervous breakdown, save your money. Instead of going into psychoanalysis, contact an image consultant. For a fraction of the cost of psychoanalysis, you’ll get results that are grounded in reality and that will not mess with your mind. In addition, you’ll start looking like a million dollars and people will take you more seriously. It is likely to help your career more than anything you can do, short of marrying the publisher of Random House.

Copyright (c) 2010 William Cane

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