How to Write Persuasive or Argumentative Essays?

Argumentative Essay Writing

Students’ academic life is filled with writing a number of assignments. Academic essays plays a huge role in deciding grades of students and it is essential for them to write down essays in effective ways in order to maintain better academic results. Persuasive essay also known as argumentative essay is one of the many assignments that students are must to carry out during their academic years. However, the majority of students feel uncomfortable with writing these types of essays due to their ignorance in writing. The best parts of students will be handling this kind of essays first time in their academic life. So they don’t know how to write persuasive essays. The following tips will help you to understand how to make a good argumentative essay.

What is Persuasive or Argumentative Essay?

The main purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader to agree to a specific viewpoint or take a particular action. This essay has need of good research from the part of writer, understanding about the reader’s viewpoints, and a thorough knowledge about both sides of the subject that the writer discussing. The main aim of this essay is to assert that the writer’s view is correct and the writer should try to convince the readers that why the opposite views is wrong.

Do the research

This kind of essays relies on comprehensive and convincing evidence. Don’t put your faith in sources that are not reliable. Hence, read a lot and take notes. Go through library books and credible internet sources so that you can bring together convincing evidence and support your main argument.

Sound Logic

The writer of argumentative essay cannot put in words what and all ideas or arguments coming to his mind. The essay must be written centered on sound logic and must take account of realistic evidence to back up the argument. Hence, you have got to research a lot to come up with effective information and facts that can persuade readers to agree to a particular point of view or act in a particular manner.

Choose a Position

One of the very important elements that the students should keep in mind while writing argumentative essay is that they should dwell on the issue and choose the side they would like to support. The writer should acquire a stand on an issue either support the issues or be against the issue. After choosing a position, you have to come up with based on facts arguments to convince the reader.

Create an Outline

There is always a need to create effective outline for your essay since it helps you to arrange the evidence to put up the strongest possible argument. Outline gives the students a guideline about how to start your essay, what should be included in different paragraphs and how to present your arguments.

Structure Your Essay

It is the very important phase of this kind of essays. You should make sure what to include and how you will present the evidence. When you structure you essay, you have got to bear in mind purpose of the essay, your audience, and your topic. A piece of persuasive writing generally starts with an introduction with a thesis statement, the writer then moves on to body paragraphs and should come up with arguments by offering evidence to support the opinion stated in the thesis statement and your essay ends with a conclusion paragraph and it should sum up the main points discussed in the essay.

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