How to Write an Outline

Outline is the general plan of the subject you want to present. It includes the topics and the subheadings and shows the order of the elaborated topics. The relevance among the various parts, as well as the importance of each one of them is also shown by the outline. A good outline can be the cornerstone of a good article or presentation, therefore creating it right is of significant importance. Here are some tips on how to write an outline for a thesis, article or presentation:

– Choose the structure. There are several different ways to arrange the different parts of the subject. In some cases you can follow a chronological arrangement, while in some others you have to follow a spatial one to suit the material you have. The most common way is to go from the general to the specific, providing the general idea first and then supporting it with examples.

– Once you decide the structure and the arrangements you should start with the specific categories: write down the statement of your article, presentation or thesis omitting details of the introductory part. The outline should cover the main body of your work and all the relevant information. Label the categories using a Roman Letter.

– Fill in the sub-categories for the main categories you created, creating small paragraphs with full sentences. Label the subcategories using a letter.

– Add smaller divisions if necessary, especially if your article or thesis aims at solving a problem. Providing solutions using tertiary categories is recommended.

– If you don’t feel confident about creating an outline yourself you can check online and find a software that can do this job for you; although most programs are not as efficient as a human brain, you can get useful information and help from them.

Most Used Categories

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