How to Write an Essay

Definition of Essay –To begin your work you must know what word essay actually define??

Essay is generally a piece of writing that gives the author own thoughts, opinions, clarity, overlapping with those of an article, story, summary in your own key words which evaluate and analyze the topic.

Following points must be kept in mind while you pen down as essay:

1. Knowledge of the topic –

While writing the essay you must be fully aware about the topic. Deep research has to made, insights of the topic must be clear to you. First define your purpose is it to intimate or prevail? When you have determined the purpose, you will need to do some research on the topics. You can go online, move towards library, refer author books on that subject, and read newspapers, relevant magazines. Never ignore facts, figures and claims that will add a new feather in your essay and make your essay more authentic and impressive.

2. Look over to the sample essay –

You can do the research and learn to know what makes them work, whether it is structure, body, examples used by the author, logics what made it more commendable. Once you have understood and gained confidence you should come up with your own brainstorming ideas and make it uniquely yours.

In order to pen down an accomplished and well drafted essay you must plan, organise and connect your ideas. When you put it into the paper you will simultaneously see connections and link between ideas more clearly. This plan will serve as a foundation for your work. You can use diagrams, flow chart, outlines for the main points and can include the ideas coming to you. Bullets points can be used for the examples for your essay.

For instance the topic is “Failures is the key to success”

• Ex “Stephen king is famous for many critically acclaimed novel s, most of which have been made into movies, however his first novel, Carrie, was rejected 30 times before it was taken into consideration.

• Ex “Bill Gates, before Microsoft was born, Bill Gates suffered failure in the business, but he didn’t give up

1. Thesis of essay –

Develop the thesis of your essay, analyse the internal and external sources. Anticipate the arguments what one can say against it, this will laid to refine your thoughts and set proper example in contradiction. It will be composed of two parts. The first part states the subject; the second part states the point of the essay. An effective thesis has a definable, arguable claim. An argumentative thesis statement should be –

• Focused

• Debatable

• Makes claim

• Pick a side

2. Body of essay –

each main idea you wrote down in your diagram, outlines, in bullets and examples will become one of the body paragraphs. If there are two or three main ideas, you will have three or more body paragraphs. The topic must be explained, argued and defined in detailed manner. Your main and supporting ideas should be in a sentence format. The body paragraph should provide support to the thesis statement and introduction paragraph.

3. Introduction paragraph-

now that you have got well acquainted with the overall body and thesis statement, you must write an introduction. It serves as a road map for the rest of your appear .The introduction should be that good enough to attract the reader attention, identify the topic and designate your focus in the essay. Get to the point as soon as possible. Introduction acts as a first impression to the reader so it must be concise, well written, interesting, and engaging.

4. Conclusion of the essay-

It’s crucial and most prominent part of the essay, the end of essay should therefore fetch a sense of integrity and closure. The impression you create in your conclusion will form the impression that stays with your readers after they have finished the easy. Conclude with a quotation or phrase from a reference to body of essay .Conclude by stipulating one of the essential terms of your altercation. Conclusion has three basic points’ significance, answer and summary.

correct errors related to spelling grammar and punctuation. Remove any irrelevant information, repeated words .Focus on writing impressive verbs that create everlasting impact. You should avoid informal writing do not use abbreviations (don’t, can’t, haven’t, won’t,).Check the order of your paragraph, words used should not be biased. Information should flow in a logical order, use phrases wherever required.

For writing college and university essays following considerations to be keep in mind

• Start pre hand

• Plagiarism free

• Be a risk taker

• Take a second advice

• Be focused and specific

• Be accurate

• Be yourself

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