How to Prepare for Taking the SAT/ACT Tests

As more and more students pursue higher education after high school, the competition among college applicants increases significantly. This means that admittance into a student’s college of choice may come down to standardized test scores as opposed to their GPA and list of extracurricular activities.

Since colleges are focusing on SAT/ACT scores, students are encouraged to not take the importance of testing time lightly. The key to success here is preparation and practice, and at A Plus Tutor USA, students are guaranteed to benefit from the tips and tactics provided by knowledgeable tutors.

3 ways that students can prepare for taking the SAT/ACT tests are:

  • Take Practice Tests. A great way to get an idea of where a student stands is by taking practice tests under similar test day conditions. This means turning off cell phones, using a timer, or otherwise allowing the experience to be as “real” as possible. Practice tests will provide students with an idea of what could be improved and help develop an individualized study plan. In addition, the old adage “practice makes perfect” rings true, and students who are familiar with testing formats are more likely to see success on test day.
  • Get a Private Tutor. The wealth of knowledge and experience that a private tutor holds is invaluable. Students will benefit from a private tutor since only the areas needing improvement are the focus of their specific study plan. Tutors can provide test-taking tips as well, including coping strategies for test day jitters.
  • Study Vocabulary. Although SAT/ACT tests include sections for mathematics and science respectively, vocabulary plays an important role in overall test design. If a student can’t understand what the question is asking, how could they successfully answer it to their best ability? Reading books outside of class and practicing vocabulary either the old fashioned way with flashcards or via modern apps will definitely improve a student’s ability to understand difficult questions.

Students looking to pursue higher education should act now and start SAT/ACT test preparation early in order to see success when test day comes. Contact us at A Plus Tutor USA today to learn more about our services including test preparation, private tutoring, and individualized study plans. Our Batches are 1:3 teacher student ratio, which is geared towards customizing the SAT preparation to the student .

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