How to Choose Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Developing a good argument essay begins with a list of argumentative essay topics. One of the best ways to choose your topic is to find one that you have a strong opinion about. Then start researching that topic to find facts and statistics to support your point of view. Your topic should be thought-provoking, and capture the reader’s attention. Do not use any false or exaggerated information about your topic in the essay. This will be misleading and will take away from the quality of your writing. Here are some topic suggestions for you to get started with.

You can choose to expose a neglected topic to write you essay. Choose a topic that has not been covered very much by the news or other media. Explain the issue and why you think it has been neglected and how the public or your audience can make it an important issue in society. Be sure to show how the issue can be solved, and why the public should care if the issue gets solved.

Analyzing a current event seems to be a popular topic chosen for argumentative essays. Controversial issues are happening all the time, all you need to do is turn on the news and you can find a vast selection of topics to choose from. Once you find an issue that you feel strongly about one-way or another, use this topic for your essay. You can choose from political issues to crime, as long as there are two distinct points of view for the topic. Current events are often the subject of argumentative topics for college students.

Exposing a popular misconception is another good idea for argumentative essay topics. Find a topic that you have a strong opinion about, and are frequently misrepresented in the media and in the common public. You will need to prove that it needs more criticism than what it has been given by explaining why the public should care about this topic and what they can do to change it. Choose a topic from recent history that people may not know all the facts about, and fill in the missing information in a way that will be interesting to the reader.

You can always structure your issue so that it is unique to the argument that you are proposing in your essay. If your topic is about a certain law, such as immigration laws, be sure to include any historical information and the definition of the law since the conception of the Constitution. By making your topic unique to your argument, your essay will seem more interesting to the reader.

Argumentative essay topics cover a wide variety of subjects, and can be very persuasive if a quality essay represents them. Remember, do not use any falsified or exaggerated information about your topic in the essay, this will take away from the overall quality of your essay. A strong argumentative essay is well written and supported by strong and valid facts.

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