Five Tips for Writing an Effective Email

Chances are, you sent out quite a few emails today. They all might be of various natures – friendly, professional, resumes, planning for events, etc. Although you may write a lot of emails, you may be very surprised to learn that many people are not familiar with how to write a really effective email. This can mean the difference in having your email responded to ignored.

How to Get Attention

To get your email read, you need to first get it noticed. Using these tips will help you grab the attention of the email receiver and keep the receiver of the email engaged so that he or she will read the entire contents of an email.

1. Identify the purpose of the email: It is very important for you to identify the purpose of the email prior to writing it and then to make that purpose clear in the subject and beginning of your email.

All too often people simply click on the compose button and start typing without taking the time to actually consider in full why they are contacting a person and what they want to say. Knowing the purpose of your email is important because if you, as the sender of the email, haven’t identified why you are contacting someone then the receiver may just as unsure about the point.

2. Use the subject line wisely: The subject line is one of the most important parts of an email. In many cases it will determine whether or not the receiver will even open the email. Take the time to select a meaningful, straightforward subject line that succinctly identifies the reason for the email.

3. Make sure you are identifiable: There are many cases where emails are ignored or bypassed because the receiver isn’t familiar with the sender of the email. Take the time to make sure that your full name is placed as the sender so that the receiver will know who you are. Avoid using initials or nicknames as many people tend to ignore emails that are not sent with whole names which they can recognize.

4. Get to the point: Make sure your emails are concise. People want to know what the email is about as soon as they open it. After a brief greeting followed by a comma, make sure the next few lines are related specifically to the subject of the email. If this is a reply to another email, reply immediately to any questions posed in the original email. When composing the email do not use unnecessary words. Short sentences and paragraphs are better than long ones. Use an active voice such as “We are sending your order today” instead of “Your order will be sent by us today.”

5. Make sure your email is readable: There is nothing more annoying than an email that cannot be read for various reasons. Whether it’s because of poor grammar or spelling, or the use of inappropriate fonts and abbreviations, or even worse, an email written in bright colors or all capital letters, it is always best to use the proper format when sending an email. Proofread your email before sending it, and keep the formatting simple. Put a blank line between paragraphs. Remember: An email is a form of communication; it is not a piece of artwork.

Reasons Emails Are Bypassed

If you have ever written an email and wondered why the email was not answered, there are a number of reasons why this occurs.

It is very important to understand that so many people are using emails for a number of reasons. People are looking for the messages that are the most important. It is your responsibility as the sender of the email to effectively present your email in such a way that it attracts the attention of the sender.

In many cases, important emails are sometimes bypassed because the receiver simply looks at the subject and decides that it is not worth reading, or puts the email aside for later reading (which may, or may not, happen!). This can be a problem if the information within the email is essential.

To avoid emails being bypassed or deleted just follow the five key points. You will get the attention of the receiver.

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