Five college dropouts who made it big

In todays competitive world, education certainly has its own place. Children grow up, send to schools to pursue their education and gain a better knowledge and understanding. But only high school education is not enough. To gain a better understanding of the outside world students need to have a great access and for this they need to accomplish their university education.

But there are some great personalities around the world who proved that completing their university education does not make any affect in their success. No obstacle can block their way to achieve the success. Have a look at the college drop out journey of these personalities-

Zuckerberg is right in his observation. To chase his dreams he took the risk of leaving his college studies. Moreover, today, the world notices him as the youngest billionaire. In fact, a lot of people like Zuckerberg took the risk of dropping out from the respective colleges to fulfill their desires, aspirations and emerged as one of the richest people of their time. They all have proved that basic education and knowledge does not always influence your future. Lacking a college degree cannot limit your vision, innovation, and skills.

Today, we would be talking about five such visionaries who changed not only their lives but our world too.

1. Bill Gates-

The pioneer of the personal computer revolution, William Henry ‘Bill’ Gates III has been an excellent student since childhood. Gates graduated from Lakeside School where he met Paul Allen, his future associate. He got enrolled in Harvard University but quit studies to follow his ambition. Together with Allen, he formed ‘Microsoft’ which developed BASIC, MS-DOS and next the Windows and MS-Office. Since the first version of Microsoft Windows was launched, it continues to dominate and influence the software industry till date. Bill Gates is among the top three richest people on the earth.

Dropped out from- The Harvard University

Hall of Fame- In 1995- Time person of the year

Net worth- $79.3 billion dollars

2. Steve Jobs-

Steve Jobs is the mastermind behind fascinating gadgets like iPod, iPhone, and iPads, since childhood, Steve Jobs developed severe bitterness towards formal schooling. He reconstructed electronics and loved working with different instruments. Steve registered himself at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, however, left his studies and got selected as a Video Game Designer at Atari. With his friends, he incorporated the company Apple computers, and he drove Apple to great success.

Dropped out from- Reed College

Hall of Fame-Promoted revolutionary products like iPod, iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air.

Net worth- $8.3 billion at the time of his death (5th October 2011)

He needs no introduction. The founder and current CEO of Facebook, the very popular social networking site. Zuckerberg is a Harvard dropout. To devote his entire time to development of Facebook he left college. Along with his friends, he developed his interactive portal which received huge popularity from the people across the world. The number of monthly active users has crossed to 1.35 billion and is still on the rise. His innovative mind and sharp marketing skills ha made him the Number one web entrepreneur of the world.

Dropped out from- The Harvard University

Hall of Fame- Time person of the year in 2010

Net worth- $34.8 billion dollars

4. Michael Dell-

He made personal computers a household name, was a pre-med student at the University of Texas when he started the business. To concentrate on his fast blooming business, he left his studies. He sold the computers to the customers with no middleman involved in the deal. Later, he founded Dell Computer Corporation and within eight years of its formation, he recognized as the prominent and the youngest CEO in the Fortune magazine’s list of the top 500 corporations. Today Dell has its offices in more than 50 countries and has an excellent record of being world’s largest laptop and PC maker.

Dropped out from- The University of Texas

Hall of Fame- Youngest CEO at the age of 27 to feature in the Fortune top 500 corporations

Net worth- $18.8 billion dollars

5. Walt Disney-

Creator of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, was a high school dropout. For not being creative enough, he lost his first job. To join the army, Disney has initially left his studies. Rejected for being underage, he become the member of the Red Cross as an ambulance driver. After the war, he acceded to a Kansas City newspaper as a cartoonist. However, the editor fired him as he did not found his cartoons attractive and appealing. He then started his own business, but that too failed. After all the foundational failures, he touched the gold at Hollywood. With his older brother, he began making animated feature films, one after the another, each of them was commercially successful. Till date, he holds the record for winning the greatest number of academy awards and nominations. Besides, he possess entertainment parks known as Disneyland in various parts of the world.

Dropped out from- The McKinley high school

Hall of Fame- 22 academy awards with 59 nominations

Net worth- $5 billion dollars at the time of his death (15th December 1966)

Apart from the above mentioned five persons, several other college dropouts have made it big. The list is endless. Certain names may not have been featured in this article, but the world today recognizes their talent and salutes their endeavor. Remember, every one of us has dreams, but he or she dared to chase their aspirations challenging all the hurdles and obstacles. Their ability to flow against the tides is highly inspiring as Walt Disney himself once remarked.

Final thoughts:

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 August 8, 2016

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