Find Someone To Do My English Online Class

I need to find someone to do my online English class. Frankly, I don’t really have the time or the interest. I’m a marketing major, and I will have no real life need for the information. Let me be clear: I don’t want a tutor, I don’t want a paper done for me, I don’t want notes. I need a stand in, a me, a me that is better than me at English literature.

I’ve taken a cursory look at the syllabus, and the course concentrates mainly on 19th Century American literature, and I need to find someone to do my online English class because I really have no concern for this particular topic. Mastery of English literature has nothing whatsoever to do with my future, and it would be best to just outsource this.
Having taken a look at the competition, I think I can fairly say that is the most reasonably priced, and they always deliver with the goods. They’ve done a few papers for me in the past, and whatever the subject is, they always seem to have an expert on hand. And that’s what I need to find: someone to do my online English class as an expert.

It looks like the course is going to be mainly Henry Melville, Henry James and Emily Dickenson, and I’ll be buggered if I’m going to read any Dickenson. I’m depressed enough as it is. The syllabus involves mainly doing “literary journal” entries 3 times a week on the week’s reading. It also involves 3 different major projects involving research on literary criticism.

All course work will be done online obviously with a number of webinar type lectures that will give instructions and weekly lessons that the stand in will need to listen to. There are a number of ways that the course tries to guard against cheating, such as providing obscure references from the book to make sure that the person doing the work has actually read the book, so the person who I need to find to do my online English class will need to have read the works or at least have a way of finding the specific text.

All the work produced for the 3 major projects needs will need to be completed by the person I need to do my online English class. This professional will need to not only stay abreast of the material but have original ideas of how to cohesively explain them in essay form using MLA format.

I will give the person I need to do my online English class all the details and material necessary (besides the texts) to act as me and on my behalf. And, during the course, that person should act as me and answer all questions asked by the professor as if they were me.

I hope to settle on a flat rate for the course with someone who knows what they are doing and, hopefully, the person I need to do my online English class will have experience in this area.

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