Dissertation Editor

An expert dissertation editor plays a vital role in the quality and precision of the final draft of your dissertation. A professional dissertation editor will edit and proofread your work, using extensive knowledge and experience gained through years of service. An editor will also know the tips and tricks of writing a dissertation and what exactly to do in order to conform to the university specifications and to satisfy the evaluators.

After you submit the rough draft of your dissertation to an editor, they will perform a review and diagnostic evaluation of your work. After this, they will get back to you and inform you of the volume and extent of editing needed. – For example, whether a comprehensive copy editing is required, or whether there is the need for developmental editing. You can also get a quote from the editor alongside an estimated time frame to complete the work.

Development Editing

The dissertation editor may suggest developmental editing if the dissertation needs more focus, organization, and further content development. This process may require multiple rounds to address all of the issues and assure the needed quality.

The development editing process may include steps like conceptualization of the dissertation in order to meet the objective and purpose of the project. The writer may need to work on the citation of their sources and evidence, the coherence and fluidity of their work, and assuring proper harmony in sentence and paragraph construction. In addition to this, the writer may need to conform to a specific template of formatting in order to follow university guidelines.

Depending on the topic, developmental editing can also include developing a balanced and un-bias argument, indexing source material and insuring there is an adequate introduction and conclusion to the piece.

Comprehensive Copy Editing

The comprehensive editing process ensures that the dissertation meets the required standards in terms of style, grammar, conventions, and technique. A dissertation editor will begin this process after the first draft has been completed by the writer. Unlike the development editing, this process may be completed in one round or a maximum of two.

The major areas covered under comprehensive copy editing include evaluating and suggesting improvements on the style and flow of sentence and paragraph structure, grammar and spelling corrections, and proper usage of academic language and terminology.


An important thing to remember at this stage is that a better qualified dissertation editor will charge a higher price. The best solution is not always to go with the cheapest option. Make sure your editor has expertise in the field of your dissertation, and previous experience in academic writing. Ideally, you will be looking for a college graduate or even a post graduate student. Whatever you need to do in order to finalize your dissertation, employing a dissertation editor is a crucial and valuable step in the right direction. Consider how much time it would take for you to edit your dissertation compared with the costs.

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