Difference between resume and CV

Students usually ask whether they should use a resume or a CV when applying for jobs, and often they use the word ‘resume’ and ‘CV’ interchangeably. Before you start applying for the jobs; you will need to determine which one is appropriate for you.


A resume is usually a 1-2 page; reverse sequential, introduction and summary of your experience and expertise as they describe to a particular career or position you are seeking. In your resume, you are apparently making changes per application to highlight and emphasize what a job is looking for.

The different parts of a resume are:

• The heading- It includes full name, permanent address, professional email addresse ,URL

• Summary or objective statement- This briefly announces the type of work you want to pursue, the kind of company or organization you want to work for and why you can perform it well. The more accurate your objective is, the more realistic and impressive it wound.

• Education- This is a critical part especially for new graduates and those who are just starting their career. This section includes:

1. Your current college
2. Other institution you have attended
3. The degree

• Qualification and skills- These should be fitting and marketable to the job requirements the one is applying for. One should list appropriate skills, such as those in language proficiency, computer operations, work attitude and others that seem beneficial to the desire.

• Experience- This serves as a proof of one’s knowledge and expertise in writing the CV or resume.

• Honors or awards- It would add credibility to the applicant as it displays one’s awards or recognition.

• References- It shows a list of people that employers can contact to gain more perception about you as an applicant.

A CV, on other hands, can be much longer. It is a detailed summary of your accomplishments, particularly those related to academics. CVs are mostly used when you are exploring an academic, scientific or medical position. It is more detailed than a resume and can be seen as a living document that is frequently updated. A typical CV for an individual in the early degrees of their graduate school career may be 2-3 pages, yet for an experienced researcher, it could be ten pages or more.

Typical sections in a CV include:

  •  Contact info
  •  Education
  •  Teaching experience
  •  Research experience
  •  Honors, fellowship, grants, awards
  •  Publications
  •  Presentations
  •  Service
  •  Professional memberships
  •  References

When to make use of a CV?

CVs are thus primarily used when applying for international, education, academic, scientific, medical or research positions or when applying for grants or fellowships. For other types of jobs, you will use a resume.

Tips for writing CV and Resume-

Whether you are composing a CV or a Resume, there are a few essential rules you should follow.

• Match your CV or Resume to the position- It is the most important thing while drafting a resume; however, it applies to a CV too. Assure that you highlight your education, work experience, and skills as they relate to the particular job or industry.

In a CV, for instance, if you are applying for a job in education, you need to include your teaching experience at the top of your Curriculum Vitae. In a resume, you might include only the work experience that would exactly relate to the work you are applying for.

• You can also include keyword from the job description in your CV or resume. This will show the employer that you are an ideal and fit candidate for the position. Here is how to match your qualification to a job.

Use a template- You may want to make use a template to structure your CV or resume. This will provide you application a clear organization, which will guide the employer quickly see your experience and qualification.
Edit your resume or CV- You need to edit your document thoroughly. Make sure there is no grammatical or spelling mistake. Also, make sure your format is uniform.

What not to include in your CV?

There is no need to add your photo, salary history, the reason why you left your previous position or references in your CV. References should be listed separately and provided to employers upon request.

Many students can write their CVs and resume while others face obstacles with several difficulties, such as wrong English, insufficient knowledge of how to frame an excellent CV or resume and do not know how highlight their strengths.
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