Creative Writing Exercises

There are many things that you can work on that are considered creative writing exercises. Whether it is simply brainstorming on a blank piece of paper or actually hammering out a storyline, there are many things that you can use as creative writing exercises.

When you write creatively it is important that you take time out to think briefly about the message in which you are trying to convey. Ask yourself the following questions. Are you telling a story? What is it that you want the reader to know? Are there any morals and values that you are trying to convey through the storyline? Who will be your narrator? These are all questions that you should ask yourself as you prepare to write.

Creative writing exercises can be fun and exciting, if you put in the time and the energy. Below are a few sample exercises for you to review.

Sample Creative Writing Exercises

Write down your dreams

Whether you know it or not, writing down what you remember from your dreams is a great way to stimulate the creative juices. Dreams are like stories that are full of mystery, fantasy and adventure. When you write down your dreams you unfold a parallel universe full of exciting adventure. The best way to target your creative writing is to simply write what you remember from your dreams. It does not matter how silly it may seem, if you write it down just as you remember it and go back to read it later you will be pleasantly surprised as to what creativity that you have latent inside of you.

Free writing

If you free write for a period of time (like 15 minutes straight) you will be honing in on your creative writing expertise. Free writing will enable you to literally free your mind of all of the clutter that may be hanging around. With a free writing session, you once again should not be concerned about grammar. You should be more concerned with writing down every thought that you have during your 15 minute session. Free writing can prove to be exceedingly helpful if you have writer’s block or even if you just have trouble trying to figure out what to write and where to begin creatively. Free writing is an excellent creative writing exercise and tends to yield positive results.


Believe it or not, reading can be very helpful when it comes to working through your creative writing. Sometimes writers tend to over think or over analyze their characters and scenarios. It is not until they put the pen down that they realize the true potential that they have stored in them. If you are a writer when you pick up a book somewhere about midway through the first chapter you will realize what you should be doing with your own writing. So, believe it or not reading is a great creative writing exercise because it motivates you to work on your own writing.

Write in a group

It may be a good idea to write as a part of a writing group. Creative exercises are bound to happen when you are amongst a group of creative writers. You may find that you are not as distracted as you may normally be when you write by yourself. Additionally, when you are writing with a group, it will be easier to get your creative juices flowing in order to arrive at the particular poem, or storyline that you seek. Like minded creative individuals can be the motivational factor that you need in order to get on track creatively.

Any Situation Can Be an Exercise

You will find that you can turn just about any situation into an exercise for creative writing. The good thing about writing creatively is that no situation and nothing is too mundane or silly to publish. As long as you continue to write on a daily basis you will see the value that it can bring into your life.

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