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When it comes to evaluating academic dissertations it is not so much first impressions that count as final ones. In other words, how you conclude your thesis or dissertation may prove crucial to whether you pass, fail, or are asked to rewrite. As with our thesis proposaloutlineliterature reviewmethodologyanalysisresults and discussion writing services, our conclusion writing service is available for anyone undertaking an MA, MSc, MBA, MPhil or PhD.

The Importance of Your Conclusion 

By the time your internal and external examiners have read through the main body of your dissertation or thesis, they may still be undecided about whether or not to pass your work. For this reason, it is crucial that you present your conclusions in as clear, cogent and compelling a way as possible. Since it is likely that your conclusion is what your examiners will read last and remember most, you need to make sure that it showcases your research in the best possible light. Rather than simply rehashing the results of previous chapters, your conclusion provides an opportunity for you to carry your readers to a new level of understanding of your thesis, as well as to make your strongest case for yourself as an academic.

Among other things, your conclusion should: 

  • Clarify the structure of the thesis, showing how it all hangs together as a coherent whole.
  • Provide a synthesis of the empirical findings from the study with respect to the individual research questions.
  • Make a strong case for your research as a genuine and original contribution to the study area.
  • End on a positive note, reinforcing your thesis statement, demonstrating that you have achieved what you set out to achieve and made a genuine contribution to the advancement of the field.
  • Identify any theoretical, practical and policy implications of your findings.
  • Demonstrate that you are aware of any weaknesses and limitations of your study and how they might be rectified in future research.
  • Provide recommendations for future research that would build upon the results of your thesis, thus underscoring the potential of your work for further development.

How We Can Help

When you place an order for our conclusion writing service, we will assign you a personal academic consultant who is an expert in your area of study. Your personal academic consultant will be able to help you to write a clear, well-structured and compelling conclusion that presents your results in the best possible light and leaves your examiners with a highly favourable impression of your academic research and writing abilities.

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