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What Is Case Study?

Do you want to describe the effectiveness of a project in detail or want to document the experiences, situations of a group of people or individual? This is a specific sort of detailed study and popular as a case study.

Case studies are generally used to test the hypothesis, draw a plan for the real world problems and also generate a solid discussion of potential solutions and needs among other such things. A case study is a more important term in every sector of life from business to education.

It is the research methodology that commonly used in different education streams and it is the strategy of research and practical investigation process of the reality. A case study based on the in-depth of investigation of an event or people to explore the real causes of any underlying principles. It should be an exploratory and descriptive analysis of any event, group or single person.

The research of case studies can be done by multiple or single resources including relies on some more sources, quantitative evidence, benefits of the previous development of any theoretical propositions. It is the result of complete analysis of certain policies, decisions, periods, systems or institutions that studied holistically with multiple methods.

The reports of the case study are generally the documents of complete standalone. If you write them if you are writing the grant application or business proposals, you may find surely the case studies within the proposal including summaries that how the service or product has benefitted a group or provided the needed solution in past.

Sections of the Case Study

Each and every case study report should include some important section in the body.

  • Goal Of The Study

Do you need to determine whether your product, service or process has been very successful previously to modify it for the purpose of future use? Do you want to determine if there is any certain need for your product or your service among a group of people or want to show the benefits of your project that your organization has done previously?

It is more a proposition or hypothesis that you want to test. In this part, you will find the questions that you want to answer and these will be drawn from the hypothesis and goals of the study.

  • Methodology

This portion might include the measurements, interviews, sampling and so forth. There you will find the relevant details like times, locations, schedules, dates and the details of the person who has performed the collection. You may need to summarize all these information in this body portion of the case study report including the details in an appendix.

  • Participants

Your specific way to select the subject of your study and the participants and their history or background will be included here.

  • Collected Data

It may depend on what you are studying. In this section, you need to include different transcripts of the interviews, a collection of different documents, and detail description of the test results and so on.

  • Data Analysis

In this sector, you will find the statistical summaries and pattern of the data.

  • Conclusion

Here you will get the implications for future, idea that all the questions are answered completely and whether the study met the goal, etc.

1. Guidelines to Write an Excellent Case Study

There are different ways to write the case studies, mainly four types including illustrative or the detail description of an event, investigative or the exploratory and cumulative or the information collective case studies, last but not the least critical case study that examines specific subject with the manner of cause and the effects. A case study is the more detail writing with proper knowledge of a subject and it is the critical analysis of the real event.

With some proper guidelines, it is easier to make the case study flawless.

  • Determine the Type

An illustrative case study is for the corporations or the businesses to show what they did for their clients. A critical case study is for the educators or the schools; investigative case study is for the legal teams to provide the relevant factual evidence. Whatever the case study you are utilizing, the purpose is only to analyze a specific situation that can reveal the unknown information. If you are uncomfortable with writing a case study, get help from the best essay writing service on hand online.

  • Determine the Topic

After picking up your angle of writing, select the topic you want to explore or the topic of your research, and also the case site. You can start your research process from your library or with the help of internet. After specifying the problem, look for more information on your topic like journals, books, DVDs, magazines, websites, newspapers etc. Take some notes of every beneficial search result for future references so that you may find the information easily later. Custom essay writing services have expert writers who can help you with finding the right information for your paper.

  • Define Your Task

Now read the case and the instructions of your assignment. You can use the checklist as your guide. To define the task, you can keep the print out of this checklist as a record of your specific task that you need to fulfil. You can compare the tasks or may compare it with other colleagues to make sure that your understanding is right. Make it convenient by visualizing elements of define problem with the help of mind maps and list the main issue on a large paper.

  • Prepare Interviews

Identify some people with more knowledge and who was more active in past or the experts of your subject for interviewing. Determine that you are going to talk with a group or person for an interview. Draft the interview questions and ask them some major questions to understand their valuable opinions. Make the questions that open-ended and straight in approach but not at all controversial so that can add credentials in your case study.

Next, conduct the interview successfully and request the materials and data from the subjects that pertain to add some credibility to your searching and the future presentation. Have the statistics of a tool from the clients, quotes, and pictures as the evidence of your case.

  • Data Analysing

Collect and analyze your data and analyze it properly on your writing with your entire research results. Divide the case study into four sections and present all the gathered information in a written manner. Add all the references and the appendices.

Finally, proofread and edit the complete paper to make it flawless. Correct any kind of grammar, spelling or construction issues.

2. Case Study Writing In Academic Life

Writing case study is truly important in student’s life. This type of writing may help the students to identify their skills and depth of knowledge to make a smooth future. A case study is actually the integration of theory and practice for the students and the essay helps a student to relate the theoretical concepts to their professional or practical real-life situation.

A Case study can be about an incident, event, a person or a group of people, on a text, object, an idea or also on an institution. You need to analyze your topic by mapping it without any theoretical explanation. The reason is to see it in a real and large picture frame that why the incident happened and how? A case study is a depth base review, result of good research and perfect presentation of the subject that you have learned in your course.

It is more like an essay or a report that proves the intelligence, capacity of critical analyzing of a student, etc. A case study is a complete research paper of their entire course of study.

What Can A Student Identify With The Case Study?

With the process of case study writing, one may easily identify the major problems about their course, topic or subject of study and they will also get the potential and logical solution of such problems of relevant subject and reason that why those have arisen.

A student learns the process of justifications and recommendation and how to produce it on paper with case study writing.

Another important thing that a student must learn from the case study writing is how to formulate arguments. When a discussing goes verbally, they are loosely organized and scattered often. In the case study, your points of the argument need to be always constructed logically as they build in a cohesive manner and related to each other throughout the argument. So, basically, the case study writing builds up the logical thinking in the brains of the students and helps them to have series of related thoughts and how to assemble them to communicate properly with your writing.

Another thing you may learn is using your references. A big portion of the case study contains the materials that you have used for reference. To develop the writing, you need to cite the references as well that you have got from different resources to give the paper more authenticity. A high-quality case study is a better presentation of the resources in a specific style. If you find it hard to present your case study in a proper way, find an affordable essay writing service that can help you with it.

With these types of assignments, one should learn the exact process of critical analysis of any topic, subject or product at a real time. To write the case study, you need to employ the different research and interview process. This is very much important to get the idea about the real professional life that you are going to enter after finishing the certain academic course. These types of writing allow you present your thoughts clearly with supporting logic and reasons.

To achieve better writing skill, a case study is an important academic paper surely to may help you to grow as a good writer.

3. How to Write a Case Study Analysis

Analysis of a case study requires finding out the problem, examining the problem and identifying different solutions. It also indicates the reason for the effective solution with some supporting evidence for it. A case study includes the background information on relevant topic or subject, analysis of a specific case under the study process. It may display the problems or some effective strategies or recommendation as the solution. Case study writing can focus on a certain program, person, project or business.

Before starting the case study analyzing, follow some easy tips to do it properly.

  • Prepare the Case

Read the case thoroughly to kick start analyzing it. Thorough reading may give you good control over the topic and you will be able to understand all the sections of it. Take some notes and highlight all the relevant facts and mark the key issues with underlines. Struggling with case study writing is common amid students and therefore, seeking help from custom essay writing service can let you run away from your struggles.

  • Focus More on the Analysis Process

At first, try to identify two or five key problems and the reasons for their existence. How the issues affect or impact the project or the organization and who is the key person behind them?

Now proceed to the next step and review the discussion, your experience with the project, course reading and the outside research to find out the best possible solution for the issue. For best solution, provide the strong evidence to support the solution, all the pros and cons and it should be realistic.

  • Drafting of the Case

After gathering the information include the draft in this particular section.

Start it with an introduction and identify major problems in your case study. Include the thesis statement with a formulated process and summarize the real outcome of the analysis in a short section, two or three sentences just.

Now set your scene with relevant facts, background info, and the major issues.

Demonstrate The Research Result Here.

Now outline the necessary alternatives and remark the reason that why these were rejected and the perspectives of the alternatives in real time.

Provide a realistic and specific solution of the issue and present it with the reason that why the reason is justified here. Demonstrate the real solution with some solid evidence.

Present some contexts from your courses like text reading, lectures, and discussions, outside research and your personal experience or anecdotes. The experts from an essay writing service can do the text reading, lectures, and discussions, outside research and your personal experience or anecdotes if you buy case study from them.

  • Recommendations

Discuss and determine particular strategies to accomplish your solution. Recommend some further actions to solve some major issues that what is right and what is wrong.

  • Finalizing Case Studies

After finishing the draft of the case study analysis, go for a thorough reading and check whether any gap, wrong sentence construction, grammar errors, punctuation flaws are found. Also, check if you have missed any important info to add for analyzing or the evidence is true in all aspects.

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