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Many different ways to write an academic paper exist. One of the shapes is known as the hamburger essay – the introduction and conclusion are pretty much the same. When it comes to body, these 3 paragraphs serve as the filling. It is a common structure of a good, logical, and well-organized essay. It means that the most important and detailed information goes to the body paragraphs. However, introduction and conclusion are equally important.

Buy Cheap Essays Online to Cure Your Academic Headache


Introduction often matters even more than the rest of the paper or book. If it has a powerful hook, the reader will make it to the end. It is not easy to make people read you from cover to cover. The introduction must be inspiring, catchy, innovative, and fresh. As for the conclusion, it should remind the reader of the initial purpose and forecast the future or at least give some hints. An impressive conclusion is a way to leave a long-lasting impact on your reading audience.

Academic writing services believe that all three parts of an essay are equally important. If you fail to succeed with minimum one paragraph, you risk failing the mission. The result is D or even F – the lowest grade ever. It also depends on how relevant the material is, level of English, and formatting. However, the content itself will always remain the main part.

Things to Consider When Writing a Good Essay

How can a single student cope with all elements of the good academic writing excellently? Keep in mind that your paper should be (as mentioned above):

  1. Relevant
  2. Informative
  3. Properly formatted
  4. Well-structured
  5. Free of grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes
  6. 100% original

It’s up to you to decide which of these points is the most difficult, but most students agree that it’s the content itself. You spend most of the time on research just to collect materials. After reading them all or at least having a thorough look, it is important to select the most relevant, reliable, and, what is also important, ‘fresh’ sources. Modern teachers accept only the recently published sources. Make sure that a book, article, or whatever you choose to cite is no older than five years. You can also buy cheap essays online and leave the research job to the experienced authors!

To come up with the perfect hamburger, the student needs some help. Of course, you can do the task on your own, especially when your knowledge of the subject is enough. What if there are two, three, or even more essays to complete overnight? That is what we mean – there is no way to escape! The biggest mistake any students may do when trying to find a solution is postponing the task to the last minute. When you receive a research paper instruction, it seems like there is two weeks or even a month ahead. However, it is important to consider that the assignments greater than essays have much more sections.

For instance, except for the introduction, body, and conclusion, a research paper also has:

  1. Cover page
  2. Abstract
  3. Outline/Table of contents
  4. Methodology
  5. Results & Discussion
  6. Appendix

Besides, you should not ignore the role of Bibliography, which usually appears as the Works Cited or References at the end of the paper. Who else but a professional academic writer could do that for you? Each of the online academic writers has already passed this long, thorny way called education. They have graduated from the world’s top universities and even used to be local professors for a while.

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Once those talented tutors and writers in one face realized the importance of helping students to use their potential in full, they came up with the idea of professional academic writing services, which does not require you to go out and look for the physical office for hours.

Besides, academic writing is different from creative or physical writing. A typical ghostwriter won’t be able to handle the Ph.D. dissertation or coursework project. It is a huge responsibility that requires a large list of skills. You should not trust this task to anyone else except for the qualified online writers.

Students should be very careful while choosing a competent online writing service. Some companies hire cheap writing labor power from Asia and Africa. The problem is these people may know the subject perfectly, but they are not the native-speakers. Thus, it would be difficult for them to select appropriate sources, read them, and develop a meaningful essay.

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