Business Proposals

A Business Proposal is a written offer of a service or product, targeted at a client or customer, tendered either on request (solicited) or speculatively (unsolicited). A Business Proposal, as a sales tool, is therefore distinct from a Business Plan, which is a strategic document (a tactical statement of specific long-term objectives and the means by which to meet them). Business Proposals look to convince prospective clients that you can help them to meet a particular business need. Hence one’s Proposal needs to identify a specific problem (for the client) which hiring your services will accordingly solve. This is important because the prospective client needs to be confident you understand their business needs – a prerequisite, obviously, of meeting them. A good Business Proposal, then, needs to be very detailed in outlining identified needs (of the client) and why that which you propose will be advantageous.

So, with Business Proposals, we are concerned with a specific brand of persuasive writing, which is oriented toward problem solving, which seeks to make a compelling case that you have the necessary solutions to advance the client’s business; that, in effect, it is in the client’s best interest to purchase what you are selling. Excepting pricing, there are consequently two very important formal (compositional) considerations undergirding the efficacy of one’s Proposal, these being the accuracy of information presented and the persuasiveness of the prose presenting it. In one sense, a Business Proposal is necessarily a research document, that examples a thorough knowledge and thus understanding of the prospective client’s operations, what they need and how to provide it. If you demonstrate an incomplete or even faulty understanding of what the prospective client’s business does it is highly improbable your Business Proposal will impress. Accuracy is the first step in persuasive prose. Making sure that all your information is thoroughly researched and error-free is thus of the first importance. This means conducting professional-quality research. Also, it means being able to use that research to maximum effect and this is where the quality of writing comes in. While it is all well and good possessing the appropriate information and commanding the right solutions, one will still be amiss if incapable of conveying that content in a useful manner. That is, one must make one’s case as lucid and credible as is possible, leaving no room for doubt that you can make good on your Proposal. Consider that a Business Proposal which exhibits clumsily wording, muddled grammar or, worse, outright errors will reflect very poorly on the author. A Business Proposal is a reflection of the individual or organisation which presents it and thus needs to evince necessary degrees of professionalism and rigour. With potential business at stake you literally cannot afford to submit Business Proposals that are anything short of first-rate. There is no better way to ensure that your Proposal is of the highest calibre than to enlist the help of a professional writing service.

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