Bipolar Symptoms and Behaviour

Are you suffering from what feels like depression or mood swings and concerned that you may be exhibiting bipolar symptoms?

Everyone experiences mood swings at different times, but for most people these come as a response to external events and can be put aside when needed. For example a person may have a problem at home, but is able to go to work and smile and relate to customers.

The difference for bipolar sufferers is that their mood swings do not necessarily relate to any external event. Their mood swings are far more marked than usual mood swings and can affect their ability to function normally. They can have difficulty in maintaining relations and continuing to work.

Bipolar behaviours can include going on spending sprees, starting a number of projects without finishing any of them, and increased rates of speech and thought patterns. These behaviours are often noticed by others if not by the person exhibiting them. Someone exhibiting the signs of bipolar may also suffer from irritability and be so caught up in their own thoughts that they are unaware of the concerns of those close to them, or can become annoyed when others express their concern

To establish whether you do have bipolar disorder there is no definitive bipolar test that can be taken. A diagnosis is needed by an experienced clinician , who is qualified in the treatment and diagnosis of the disease. The practitioner can assess whether the source of your symptoms and behaviour is in fact bipolar disorder and discuss possible options for treatment and medication.

For more articles and support for Bipolar Disorder and an Online Bipolar Self-Help Program visit MoodSwings.

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