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Biography Writing In Academic Life

A biography refers to a written story about the life of a person. Writing a biography requires one to be very careful in their writing to ensure the reader’s impression and feeling of gaining knowledge from the writing. One has to guarantee that the person they are writing about is well represented and what is written has engaging information. It has to be interesting too. For a person to write an excellent biography, one must have a good subject. Many people find it very difficult to write an academic biography. One has to be well informed on things such as how brief it should be for instance. Being an academic bio writer is a skill that one needs to learn. This article will give some basic concepts of what needs to be used or left while writing an excellent biography.

While writing an academic biography, the audience must be put into consideration. One should be well informed on what the audience expects to hear. How useful the information will be to the consumer should also be put into consideration. The audience will be fully satisfied when the information is beneficial to them.The audience may be either one’s colleague, students or clients. The purpose of this kind of writing is to give other writers a reference for their writing. They can use the biography to get one’s background information about oneself. A biography also gives clients a chance to know their working mate. It helps them to know more about the achievements that one has accomplished. Custom essay writing service will help the students with their biography writing and seeking help will let students to understand how expert writers deal with academic papers like biography. It also tells them how competitive one is and therefore can use that information them to compare different service providers.

An individual must be aware of what to include in their biography on academic life. For example, while writing a barebones biography, which are very short bios that consists of between 35 to 50 words, and is used in things such as publications and proceedings in conferences, the following must be included:

  • The including of the name.It introduces the writer to the audience making them know the one better.
  • The including of a position holder. It helps the audience to know the level one is in and also know what one’s role is.
  • The department that one is in also has to be included. It informs the audience on where to find one if need be.
  • The institution that one works for has to be included also. It informs where one belongs.
  • The exciting research should be included with a purpose of describing the thesis, dissertation or any other project.

A biography that consists of between 100 to 200 words is known as a mid-length bio. While it is written for the departmental or institutional website, information such as degrees held can be added. It shows the academic level of an individual. The ongoing scholarly projects should also be included since they show that one is still acquiring more skills. The awards and honors gained show how competitive one is. They, therefore, should be included in a mid-length bio. They show the degree to which one can deliver. Journals and publications made should also be added.

The lengthier biography consists of 200 to 400 words. While making a professional website for such a biography, non-academic interests and hobbies should be included because they show what else one can do apart from academics. It reveals the full potential of a person. In a scenario whereby background information is somehow relevant to research interests, it is wise to include the information in the biography. It indicates that one is in a better position to handle the research better due to the information attained.

Academic bios should be well organized. However, there are different ways of organizing them. Present- focused is one of the ways used.It can be done by writing the general research interests first and then move to the projects that are more specific which is known as broad to narrow. Narrow to broad on the other hand is whereby one starts with an object of analysis that is specific which is then situated into a broad conversation.

The timeline is another way of organizing academic bios, which is meant for mid-length and lengthier bios. This way of organization connects different projects. For instance, it can connect the work that was done in the past with the work that is currently ongoing and the work to be done in future also. The components arrangements might also be prepared in different ways. It can, for instance, begin with a the-going project, it roots the project in the past for experience by describing the path to be used in future.

The theme can also organize the scholarly activities and projects such as academic bios. This way of organizing is known as thematic way. For instance, it can be arranged according to the topic, theory or methodology used. Arranged by any of the three-ways will bring order and uniformity. The final job will also look more organized and presentable.

For one to write a compelling academic biography, one has to choose which voice to use. One may choose to use the first or the third voice. Depending on the context of the bio one is writing about, this information might be provided. However, if it is not provided, one may be required to do a research on which voice other writers use for such bios and journals. The findings that one gets after the research should be used. In a case where the research does not give any clear guideline, one has to make a decision on which voice to use. It might be made on the basis of how fit the voice will be depending on how the writer would like to be perceived.

What are some of the key points to be included in Biography Writing?

For many people, writing a biography has never been easy because we all live differently and we have different motives that drive us in life. Due to this reason, it becomes hard for one to decide what they should write about other people, and what will tell who they are and what they have achieved. However, for one to write a biography that will achieve all the intended goals with ease, some factors ought to be considered. These factors inform the audience about the most crucial stages in life, when they came about and where. This article will discuss these factors, and show how they should be written to ensure that the biography has achieved its intended mission. If you don’t know what to include in your paper and want to learn how professionals prepare a paper, you can buy your paper from cheap essay writing service and they will let you know how a professional work look like.


Birth is where life begins. Therefore it becomes a very significant stage of life for every individual. In this section, the date of birth is discussed. It informs how old one was. It is also important to mention the city at which one was born. It tells where their life began. The actual place of birth such as a hospital, a place in a forest, in a car, is also mentioned at this stage. The parents of the person are also mentioned. These give a clear introduction of who the person was to the audience. Any other interesting note about a person’s birth is also talked of at this point. For instance, it can be mentioned that the person was born with a small tail that was then cut off soon. In most cases, such notes are used as a closing remark of the birth section.

Growing up

The next point that follows is the growing up of that person. The place where they grew up is mentioned. More details of what happened during this time are also given. For instance, if the person got into drugs at an early age, if one or both of the parents died during this time if the person got into problems with the law, are some of the things that are put into light hence helps to tell the audience how a childhood of the person was and why some things happened as they did. In most cases, their behavior at this age leads to their future character. Therefore if one gets to understand why and how these behaviors came along, they will get to understand why one has certain characters.


In most cases, future of a person is made during the time they are getting an education, whether formal or informal. Therefore, makes it equally necessary to tell the educational background of a person. The highest level of education attained is told, grades achieved other activities that the person was involved in as they were still getting their education. In most cases, this is what makes the future of an individual. For instance, a person who was very active in co-curriculum activities in school such as playing soccer can discover their talent there, and become great footballers. Others who stick to their education end up having a career in line with their studies. As a result, full education background becomes a crucial point in biography writing since it paves the way for one’s career and it evidently shows how it came to be. It also shows the achievements gained during this time. It is a high point to make the audience to understand the person better.


The relationship that the person got into in their later years is an essential key on their biography which gives the information on whether the person got married. When they married, the number of children they had. More information about the spouse such as if they are still alive, where they work or used to work is also given. In a scenario whereby a person got married a multiple of times, the reasons as to why the previous relationships did not work can be given. One can also include more information about the children of the deceased, whether they are alive or not and what they do. One can also talk about the deceased closest friend.


Ambition is a fundamental key that informs the audience what was driving the deceased. It does not have necessarily to be an achieved goal or an objective that was almost complete. The ambition of a person forms an opinion of whom they indeed are. By stating this point on a biography, it helps in portraying what the deceases stood for. Struggles gone through as a way of trying to make the ambitions come true should be indicated in the biography, it portrays the character of the person.


Accomplishment refers to what a person was indeed known. It tells what they did and what made them famous. It tells the audience what made the person so much significance to the extent that one would like to write a biography about them. For instance, for someone writing a biography about Nelson Mandela of South Africa, attainment of independence of South Africa as a country could be written as one of his main achievements. It shows the primary objective that was successfully attained.


At this point, retirement and death of the person included, however, if the person is still alive, what a person is up to, to date. If the person died, the information could be presented in two different ways. One of the ways is whereby the writer ends the biography with a bang and after that goes to a tragic conclusion. The writer might also decide to let the story to tell the decline of the role model sadly. When the audience reads the biography of a person, they get to remember them and learn more about them. They get influenced by the action taken by the role model that made them famous and remembered.

Writing a biography in premium quality can be an uphill task for the students if they are inexperienced writing such sort of paper. There are some effective ways that can help students to get away from their writing troubles. One them is learning how to write a biography but it takes time and effort from the part of students. However, students lack time and they may not be able to give their best to manage writing since they have many other activities to accomplish during their academic years. Here comes the value of best essay writing service and these services can help you to save your academic life.

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