Avoid Errors While Writing Your Dissertation And Thesis

Thesis and dissertation are the most critical assignments writing that a learner has to accomplish in his educational career. Scholars should be very precise and accurate while writing their thesis and dissertation as their degree depends on it.


Here are few of the errors that you should avoid while writing your thesis and dissertation-


  • Grammatical errors- While writing your thesis the first and the foremost thing a student should remember is evading grammatical errors. If you compose a very profoundly researched and assembled thesis paper, however, it has writing mistakes and it is not good grammatically, then it will drain all the impression, and all your effort will be wasted.
  • Not doing enough research- The amount of the investigation you will undertake for a master’s thesis or dissertation will be considerably more than anything you have done before. When you have done enough research, you will have a rich treasure of ideas to get your creative writings smoothly flowing. Read widely in your field.
  • Write in a simple and natural tone- Do not be too formal that your scholastic document looks unreal and don’t be too casual that it misses the line of being academic. Stay simple and natural while you write your thesis or dissertation.
  • Make use of the right words- Do not use miscellaneous wordbook to make a great impression on the readers and your professor. Use the words that are most appropriate.
  • Plagiarism-free document- Universities now use the sophisticated anti-plagiarism software to check out plagiarism from the assignment. You should never knowingly pass someone else’s work as your own. By doing this, you will put your reputation and work at a serious risk, even if it’s accidental.
  • Write only genuine references- Whenever you quote a reference, a fact or a figure make sure it is valid and proved. Don’t just write anything you heard or read randomly.
  • Follow the correct format- It is imperative to format your academic document right and follow the particular format. Do not make a blunder in formatting as it gives a very casual impression of the student.
  • Edit and proofread your academic content- Your thesis or dissertation will be worthless if it does not meet the terms set by your university instructor. When you are drafting your thesis keep in mind the specifications set by your professor so that you can score a high grade. Make your content error-free by editing and proofreading it.


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