AP Writing Tips

There are arrays of AP (advanced placement) writing tips available for students who are mindful enough to look. Whether online or in various books, AP writing tips can be exactly what you need when it comes to preparing a literary work. AP students around the globe realize that it is exceedingly helpful to have a one sheet handy with writing tips displayed on it. Most teachers make it a point top provide their class with AP writing tips weekly. However for those teachers who do not have any writing tips on deck, there are a few listed here.

AP Writing Tips 101

A good AP writer has a good idea of what phrases to use and which to eradicate from his or her sentence structure. This notion also applies to words. While there is no limit to the eloquent way in which an AP student can arrive at peak sentence structure, there are, however, a few rules that probably should be avoided.

Tip #1: Eradicate the following words from your contemporary vocabulary.

  1. Whole
  2. Very
  3. The reader

In the context of the abovementioned words, many AP students may find themselves gravitating towards the aforementioned. It is all too easy to begin a passage of prose with “the reader,” which can inevitably destroy the quality of the work. If you were to start a passage as follows, “The reader may notice that the whole novel is very interesting,” you would be remiss as to what idea that you were trying to convey.

Furthermore, your target audience may not identify with such a statement.  Perhaps, you could easily convey a similar sentiment by employing different phrasing and using different wording. Perhaps try the following, “Critics agree that Joan Brenner’s, XYZ novel is both cunning and insatiable.” Notice how phrasing fused with descriptive words can be a better take on the sentence and the thought that is being conveyed behind it.

Tip #2:  Never do the following…

When writing either a sentence, or a paragraph it is important to follow certain rules. For instance, students are advised not to begin a sentence or a paragraph with a pronoun. So, be wary of beginning your sentence or paragraph with “I, you, he, she, it, we, they.” To do so would be limiting. Additionally, you should not use words that you are not sure of. Trying to be impressive through a savvy use of words could very well end up backfiring which would inevitably make you look bad as both a writer and a student.

When writing, make it a point not to ramble. Rambling on can be an indicator that you are not knowledgeable of the subject matter or that you are not structurally sound regarding your writing. Keep this in mind to avoid mistakes. Make it a point to avoid the use of fragments in sentence structure. Using a fragment is like conveying a half thought in your writing. It is important to use full sentences in order to convey full thoughts.

Tip #3:  Ask yourself questions.

A good AP writer will always ask him or herself a series of questions about their work. Take time out to review your work as if you were a member of the target audience. This is where you can ask yourself if what you are saying is making sense. Continue to ask yourself questions like are my ideas connected and flowing and am I conveying the message that I intend to convey. Doing this will better help you in structuring your work.

As an AP writer, if you follow the abovementioned tips you will find that your writing will improve in little to no time. If you stay focused and follow the standard rules of writing you work will both reflect what you have learned while showing your audience that you are a writer who is worthy of their time. Writing can be both refreshing and enlightening if you do it right.

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