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The analysis chapter of a thesis or dissertation is often the most difficult part to write. It is also likely to be the chapter that is most intensively and critically scrutinised by your examiners. Far from simply summarising your empirical findings and drawing some conclusions, your analysis chapter should comprise the argumentative core of the entire thesis. As such, it is imperative that you get it right. Our analysis writing service is designed to ensure that you do.          

The Importance of Your Analysis Chapter

Once you have collected and organised your empirical findings in accordance with your research methodology, your next task is analyse them. However, it would be a huge mistake to think of this simply in terms of “writing up” your results. Presenting and describing your empirical data is one thing, and ought to be a relatively simple task. Analysing, interpreting and deriving valid conclusions from this data, on the other hand, is a different set of tasks altogether, and presents far greater challenges.

It cannot be emphasised enough that your analysis chapter is not supposed to be a simple summary or recapitulation of your empirical findings. Rather, upon it rests the argumentative burden of your entire thesis. This is where you must not only provide an in-depth examination and interpretation of your data, but also clearly demonstrate the extent to which you have succeeded in achieving your research objectives (by e.g. corroborating or falsifying your initial hypotheses). This will require both selecting the correct technical tools and constructing valid arguments capable of withstanding the critical scrutiny of your examiners. You must clearly explain how your research methodology generated your results, and how those results in turn demonstrate the appropriateness and efficacy of your methodology.

Getting these things right will mean vindicating your research objectives and methods, as well as demonstrating your competence to conduct high-level academic research. Getting them wrong, on the other hand, may not only be fatal for your dissertation or thesis, but also seriously call into question your ability to design and implement feasible research projects.

How We Can Help

When you place an order to take advantage of our unique analysis writing service, you will be assigned a personal academic advisor who is an expert in your field. Your personal advisor will be able to help you with every aspect of your analysis from choosing the most appropriate technical tools (e.g. software packages) for analysing your data to carrying out the analyses, interpreting the data, demonstrating that your research objectives have been met, and writing the chapter itself. No matter what assistance you may require, you can rest assured that we will be able to assign you an academic expert who will ensure that the analysis chapter of your thesis or dissertation is as good as it can be.

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