An Expression of Scotland’s Mountains As Painted by Keith Salmon

The beauty of Scotland can rarely be captured in art as well as is done by Keith Salmon. This partially sighted artist who now lives with diabetes related blindness says he presents an “impression” of the mountains and hills to be found in Scotland`s landscape. However, Keith, being an accomplished hillwalker knows perhaps more about the secrets of Scotland`s landscapes and particularly its mountains than many fully sighted people. It is for that reason that his work should more properly be regarded as Expressionism as it presents the emotions that Keith experiences when he is on the hills and most definitely relates much more than a simple single impression.

Impressionism began in France over a century ago and was quickly followed within a few decades by a concept known as Expressionism. I believe that the work of Keith Salmon transcends both of theses “-ism’s”. Keith`s most recent work centres around his deep love and passion for hillwalking which he has had since a child. And the emotions he feels and experiences from reaching the peaks of Scotland`s mountains know no limits when he captures them on the canvases and boards within his art studio.

Each work interprets his view of the world – quite literally – that which he experiences while standing at the top of a mountain where he uses his remaining senses and the 15% vision that is still available to him to feel the mountain upon which he stands and of which he has conquered. Bringing the feeling of beauty that is presented by nature be that in full sunshine or rain, fog sleet or in snow, Keith translates the emotions stirred up the experience to dramatic painted landscapes when he returns to his art studio in Irvine, Ayrshire. There he labours to recreate that moment and share it through his art for those who senses are as equally keen and appreciative of life and its expression through art. How one moment can be captured forever, and made available for re-living and for sharing with others is not just a talent that the artist presents but one that he is happy to give.

A short visit to Keith Salmon’s studio will bring you in direct contact with not just an artist but with someone who not only wants to creates what he feels but also to selflessly share that joie-de-vivre with others. People often speak about “art imitating life” but in the case of Keith Salmons artwork – his art is life.

Keith Salmon is an accomplished artist and gained his diploma in arts long before he lost most of his sight. His work has encompassed not only Scottish mountain and landscape art but also contemporary sculpture. Take the time to find out more about the life and art of this extraordinary artist and see for yourself how determination and deep felt passion can really create, develop and express through art what we know to be that part of man that is most often hidden from public view and sometimes even from himself – his soul.

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