Essay writing is a necessary evil that every student has to go through and excel at. Whether the students are in high school or studying in college or university or pursuing a PhD degree, preparing essay assignments are almost unavoidable. Now as you move ahead in your academic pursuits you would discover that preparing essays require you to involve multiple elements of the paper. Before presenting the essay, a student has to ensure all these elements are appropriately included in the paper. The student will have to decide on a relevant topic, and perform precise research to look for sufficient details connected with the chosen topic and then proceed with writing the paper.

Speaking of essays, students are often assigned to one extremely popular kind of essay type, known as a persuasive essay. Persuasive essay paper writing is approached by applying logic and reason to indicate that one concept or theory is more acceptable than another theory. It seeks to convince a reader to embrace a certain idea or perception and prompts them to take some action. The statements must always be presented with solid reasoning and credible evidence by emphasising on facts, providing a critical overview, utilising appropriate examples and quoting eminent scholars. So listed below are some stages for selecting a relevant essay writing topic on a persuasive essay.

  1. Brainstorming

Indulge in an elaborate brainstorming session and include your peers and classmates in it as well, to select and narrow down a wide range of topics. Make sure that you choose something that stirs your enthusiasm and curiosity. If you select a topic that seems dull to you, then its impact will be reflected in your paper and chances are your readers will also lose their interest while reading the essay.

  1. Choose a topic that’s unique

While brainstorming, you should pay extra attention so that you don’t end up picking an essay topic that has been already discussed many times by different people. Such topics may consist of, global warming, capital punishment, affirmative action, representation of sex and violence in the media, and the importance of recycling. When you are shortlisting the topics for your essay, try to come up with something unique and relatively fresh.

  1. Opt for a focused topic instead of a generalised one

Try to avoid writing on topics that are too generic and broad.  For example, instead of writing about the migration of refugees to European countries, try focusing on one country and how they’re offering asylum to the refugees.

  1. Decide on a topic that can be easily researched about

Always select a topic that can be easily available when conducting a thorough research and one which comes with relevant and elaborate information. If you’re writing about something that’s still in the nascent or initial stages of development, the research process can turn extremely troublesome with a limited number of competent sources. You can take the help of essay writers online to carry out the process.

  1. Find a topic that will stand out

Find a topic that is impressive. It needs to establish a certain enthusiasm while presenting the supporting as well as the opposing arguments, and at the same time, should be steeped in critical reasoning. Simply put, it has to be arguable.

Now that you have been informed you can proceed with preparing a brilliant essay. But if you are still in two minds about what topics to choose for your persuasive essay paper writing, you can refer to the list below and take you pick from the wide array of topics that are mentioned here.

A detailed list of Persuasive Essay topics

No matter which academic level you are in, you’ll most definitely be asked to write a persuasive essay at some point in your academic career. And every time you present an essay, you have to focus on a great essay writing topic to elevate your chances of academic success. So when you are in dire need of some inspiration for your persuasive essay paper, you can always browse through these topics.

  1. The appropriate rehabilitation of Drug addicts: The process of warding off the addiction.
  2. Should the popular fast food chains be held responsible for the elevated rates of obesity and diseases?
  3. Is Alcoholism a behavioural disorder?
  4. The process of diagnosis and treatment of Anorexia
  5. The ownership of firearm: A boon or a bane?
  6. The life-threatening condition of Bulimia
  7. Is freedom of speech more significant than the security of the state?
  8. Do school cafeterias breed childhood obesity?
  9. The consequences of excessive meat consumption.
  10. The rising popularity of IVF surrogacy and its impact.
  11. The phenomenon of bureaucracy and it contrasts with democracy.
  12. The measures were taken by EU to provide asylum to the Syrian refugees
  13. Is America, at its core, steeped in conservatism?
  14. The stance of Great Britain on the issue of economic meltdown in EU
  15. Should unpaid internships be considered a glorified form of slavery?
  16. The importance of family planning and the governmental policies to support the cause.
  17. Do patents restrict innovation and creativity or protect them?
  18. The elements of mixed economy and how it’s beneficial for a state.
  19. The emergence of E-commerce as the worthy replacement for a traditional marketplace.
  20. Are traditional ways of trade and transactions are becoming outdated?
  21. The economic crisis n EU and how it impacts the small businesses.
  22. How a prominent social media presence influences a particular brand.
  23. The disparity in wages between a male and female professional
  24. The misrepresentation of feminism in media
  25. Gender roles aren’t equivalent to gender requirements
  26. What’s virtual business and how is carried out?
  27. Should a strict dress code be imposed within a corporate setup
  28. Recruitment and talent acquisition as a tool for boosting the productivity of the employees within an organisation
  29. Is a proper corporate culture instrumental in motivating an employee?
  30. The importance of business communication
  31. The significance of open communication between various departments within an organisation.
  32. Customer testimonials and reviews are the most efficient way to boost the development of a business
  33. A defined code of ethics should be discouraged by society as a whole
  34. The rising rates of cyber-bullying and the measures to combat the threats
  35. What is net neutrality? The drawbacks of a regulated internet usage.
  36. Ways to maintain an equilibrium for different Gender in Politics
  37. Is the older generation more prone to identity theft?
  38. The human behaviour is influenced by genetics
  39. How do parental instincts guide a child to imbibe good and bad ethics
  40. Should the remuneration of employees be based on performance?
  41. Should every small business develop their websites to promote their growth?
  42. How art and music develop the cognitive abilities of a child
  43. Should gender studies be a part of every school curriculum?
  44. Why we need to promote alternative sources of energy
  45. All manufacturing industries should invest in building their own recycling centres.
  46. Will the popularity of cashless transactions overshadow the liquid cash transaction?
  47. Do dreams possess a symbolic meaning?
  48. Is hypnosis effective for the recollection of memories regarding a past event?
  49. Music can promote sadness.
  50. How laughter therapy is used to deal with many psychological conditions
  51. The impact of heredity and environment on a child’s IQ
  52. Opting for ecotourism can reduce the global pollution issues.
  53. The outcome of Brexit and the position EU post the post the event.
  54. The role of petroleum industry to promote economic globalisation
  55. Should whistleblowers be treated with discrimination for providing information on NSA or CIA
  56. Should the United Nations assume a more active role in addressing the issue of terrorism?
  57. The importance of being aware of cybersecurity
  58. The drawbacks of integrating the primary methods of project management
  59. How should leaders deal with the clash of ideologies in a team?
  60. How non-monetary rewards and encouragements can inspire an employee?
  61. Should companies adopt waste management to avoid environmental hazards?
  62. Huxley’s application of neologism in Brand New World paints the picture of a futuristic environment.
  63. The portrayal of Shakespeare’s antagonists through the example of Shylock and Iago.
  64. Should short-staffed hospitals be blamed for a poor quality of treatment?
  65. Education and practice are in a state of disarray in the health sector.
  66. Computer training should be made compulsory for individuals training to be a nurse.
  67. The significance of branding as a powerful marketing tool
  68. How do Inbound practices bring the marketing and sales team together?
  69. How do brands save the world?
  70. Will the traditional techniques of marketing become obsolete in future?
  71. A positive brand image is integral to the success of a business.
  72. Should advertising be considered as art?
  73. What is the future of citizen journalism?
  74. What leads to bankruptcy? Weak management or poor leadership?
  75. What measures should businesses take to become environment-friendly?
  76. How do chocolates help to ward off Depression?
  77. Is there any trust in the Lunar Effect?
  78. Coping mechanisms to adopt for dealing with midlife crisis
  79. Are Inkblot tests credible to detect an individual’s personality traits?
  80. Every study curriculum should promote the practice of critical thinking
  81. What is a Myers Briggs test? How does it determine the personality of an individual?
  82. Has online search engines curbed the significance of libraries?
  83. Is the invasion of technology making people less active?
  84. The parameter of development of a country should be based on the technological advancements made its people.
  85. Can internet be censored? What will be its consequences?
  86. Does media resort to propaganda while covering a political situation of a state?
  87. The importance of blogging for driving business
  88. Schools adopt an open book approach while conducting examinations
  89. Should genetically modified foods be banned?
  90. Why health insurance policies should be mandatory for every individual?
  91. Does a degree from a reputed college matter for a successful career?
  92. The drawbacks of using social media for boosting the business
  93. How does work environment promote the productivity of an employee?
  94. Does outsourcing the customer service or IT department makes any difference to a business?
  95. A brief discussion on the latest technological innovations and their impact on business.
  96. How should government authorities deal with the rampant practice of child trafficking
  97. How does having a pet in the house affect a child’s psyche
  98. Should illegal immigrants be granted asylum?
  99. Should birth control methods be free of cost?
  100. Should animal testing of cosmetic products be illegal?
  101. Are smartphones promoting communication or killing it?
  102. Are our over-dependence on technology the reason for various health hazards?
  103. Does social media websites promote the sense of isolation and loneliness?
  104. Should corporate organizations promote their brand on educational institutions?
  105. Why should children be encouraged to take outdoor activities?
  106. Has the advent of video games killed the urge in children to venture out for physical activities?
  107. Should schools include lifestyle studies?
  108. The use of ebooks has affected the sales of books
  109. The violence portrayed in television
  110. Should WikiLeaks be considered as a threat to the security of state?
  111. The impact of food additives and why should you avoid it?
  112. Should special privileges be introduced for working women?
  113. Should the differently-abled children be homeschooled?
  114. How juvenile delinquency should be dealt with
  115. Should the use of Artificial Intelligence be contained?
  116. The benefits of donating blood
  117. The effective utilization of crowd-sourcing and The stance of United Nations
  118. Does multi-tasking make people accomplish more?
  119. Can poverty be decreased with proper housing and improved living condition?
  120. How is stem cell preservation going to be beneficial for warding off diseases?
  121. Does text messaging affect the knowledge of vocabulary?
  122. The representation of women in media
  123. Are the prevailing food preservation technologies safe?
  124. The necessity of patents on ideas.
  125. The theory of intelligent design as compared to creationism and evolution.
  126. Should digitalization be given importance over traditional methods of teaching?
  127. Does the paparazzi help or hamper the cause of free press?
  128. Should bloggers be treated as journalists?
  129. Has the internet prompted the end of newspapers
  130. Are journalists today motivated too much by sensationalism?
  131. Should Computer-Mediated Communication be adopted in the workplace?
  132. Does peer pressure affect a student’s psyche?
  133. An insight into the psyche of a college bully
  134. Are skills acquired in universities really useful in the professional world?
  135. Are smartphones and gadgets environment friendly?
  136. The importance of portion control for healthy living
  137. Should disabled people be offered more facilities
  138. Should organ donation be made mandatory?
  139. Should the Immigration law in UK be more flexible?
  140. Does relocating from one place to another has an impact on our psyche?
  141. The impact of overexposure of technology on children
  142. How to ensure a peaceful co-existence of the bully and the bullied within school premises.
  143. Should the media provide more coverage of the Special Olympics or Paralympics?
  144. How disability is treated in the developing or under-developed countries.
  145. How does colour therapy help treating the psychological disorders in individuals?
  146. How do differently abled children benefit from play therapy?

Now that you have an elaborate list to refer to, there is no stopping the good grades from coming your way.

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