5 Paragraph Essay Rubric

Five paragraph essay rubric are rules and guidelines governing the writing of a five paragraph essay. They involve a set of regulations and guiding principles that a writer needs to consider before writing a five paragraph composition in order that the essay comes out a standard essay. Five paragraph essay rubrics involve a lot of things like the standard composition of a five paragraph essay, the things to do before and after writing the essay, and thing of like manner.

The first and most important rule is that the essay must be in five paragraphs. All the ideas must be contained in five paragraphs which consist of the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. The introduction is a paragraph on its own which have a thesis statement of what the whole essay is all about and then a hint of what the following paragraphs will contain.

The main body is made up of three paragraphs which is a development of the ideas of the topic of discussion. These paragraphs carry a topic sentence which gives a general idea of what the paragraph in question is all about. The conclusion is also a paragraph of its own and a summary of the whole issue discussed. In other words it is the thesis statement in rephrase. This paragraph does not introduce any new ideas but only summarizes and strengthens the ideas discussed in the previous paragraphs.

Five paragraph writing rubric also entails that the writer present his points in a logical sequence in such a way that all events follow in a way that it is understood by the reader. In addition, the writer should have a good command of English language and be able to vary the sentences used. Simple sentences, compound sentences, as well as complex sentences should all be used in writing a five paragraph composition. The use of Long and twisting sentences become confusing and could cause the writer to lose the message and deviate from the original idea.

Punctuations are also rudiments of five paragraph writing rubrics. The right punctuation mark when and where it is needed comes in handy. The writer should also avoid the use of unnecessary repetitions and bad spellings.

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