Tips on Writing Baby Shower Thank You Notes

After enjoying your fun baby shower and having received all those gifts, it is always a good idea to express your gratitude by sending thank you notes to all your guests. One of the best tips on writing baby shower thank you notes is to get them out as early as you can. Although not required, this means you should try to send out those notes before you give birth.

Choosing Notes to Send

Your guests will surely appreciate your sweet gesture when you send them your thank you notes and they will love the feeling that you enjoyed your shower and that you value your friendship with them.

There are several options when selecting the actual thank you notes to send:

  • You have the option of buying thank you notes from a craft or party shop. You can choose a note card that matches the style and motif used in your baby shower invites.
  • If you’re considering taking the more creative route, there are fun and unique ways of constructing your thank you cards. One way is using a photo that was taken during the shower. Simply write your message at the back of the photo and use it as your note or card. It’s a thank you note and souvenir in one!
  • You can also upload one of your photos in the computer, play around with some effects, and turn it into funky graphics. Print it out on your note-sized cards for personalized and unique stationery.

Writing the Thank You Notes

If you’ve already given birth, use footprints of your baby as a logo or design for your notes. Simply place your baby’s foot on a stamp pad and place his or her foot on your card. Don’t forget to mention birth information such as your baby’s full name, height, weight, and a photo. Your friends and family will definitely be charmed by this.

If your baby hasn’t been born yet, still make sure you have organized all your friends’ numbers and addresses for those baby announcements.

Writing Your Notes

The thank you notes you are sending out are not just meant to thank your guests for the generous gifts they’ve given. The note should also thank them for coming to your shower and wishing you and your baby well.

When creating those thank you notes, it is imperative that you hand write them. This is the most sincere way of sending your thank you. When writing your message, use the words “you” and “I” to place emphasis on your appreciation. If you want to get creative, include a short poem you’ve composed or a famous quote you’d like to share. The bottom line is to avoid generic messages and be personal and unique with every note that you write.

Include Details

Be specific with your note. Mention the gift you’ve received in the note. Instead of saying “Thank you for the gift” say, “Thank you for the cute jumper and shirt! I can’t wait for my little one to wear it!”

If you’ve received a gift that truly means something to you and your husband, be sure to share that story. Express how grateful you are and how meaningful the gift is. For instance, if you’ve received something that you’ve been eying in the store for a while now, or if the gift perfectly matches the crib your father built, share it.

Make the Thank You Special

If a good friend organized and arranged the entire baby shower for you, be sure to thank him or her in a special way. A thank you card will not be enough. Perhaps you can send some flowers, a box of chocolates, or a gift card to his or her favorite store. When your baby is born, send your host a photo along with your gift.

Another tip is to not write all your notes in one sitting. What will your handwriting look like once you’ve written your 20th card? Spread out your writing during your spare time. Carry with you some note cards and a pen when you go out for errands. Perhaps you can write a few notes in a restaurant while waiting for your food or while you are in between cycles of doing laundry. This way, you are always relaxed and your handwriting is always neat.

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