Steps for writing an effective conclusion in your assignment

Students studying in various colleges or universities around the world undergoes various trouble to accomplish their academic writings. They are given various tasks such as essays, term papers, dissertations, case study or coursework to complete within the given time. Apart from completing the assignments students need to provide an excellent introduction and conclusion to the document. Therefore you require to hold great expertise in writing an effective conclusion.

Strategies to write an excellent assignment conclusion-

For writing an effective conclusion to your assignment you require to have a great relevancy and possess effective writing skills to understand the topic accurately. Students need to summarize all the points in their mind to provide an effective conclusion to the reader that can make them think. You require to be analytical and follow critical approach while drafting your assignment. ring out some effective and fresh content in your academic work.

Essential points to think of-

An effective conclusion is very important and meaning foul for your final assignment draft. Remember these essential points while drafting your assignment conclusion:
1. Accurate and perfect sum-up – .
2. Ask relevant questions- 
3. Suggest consequence- 
4. Give a warning in the conclusion- 

Few points that you must omit:

• If you finish up your work with repeated words or phrases, correctly written closures, skip out on doing of paraphrased statement.
• Do not use ruthless words and simple vocabulary as keeping all these words away will be productive for you and you can score high marks.
• You have main points in your task; here you require not focus on all minor thoughts and subheadings. At last, highlight the main point.

Suggestions on what not to do in your conclusion:

1. Do not bring in any new material- The conclusion is your space to cover up your paper, not throw in any extra points that you were not able to work on the body sections. It is one thing to conclude or place your argument in a wider academic context, yet it is entirely different to introduce a whole distinct idea that you do not have room to develop. If you find yourself mentoring additional ideas, in conclusion, do your reader and yourself a favor- add in another body paragraph and elaborate on the new idea in an effective manner.

2. Do not weaken your stand by apologizing for what you have already argued- If your academic paper has followed the conventions of academic writing, if you have created a thesis and given evidence to support your stand, then you have met the reader’s expectations. Ending your essay by apologizing for your standpoint detracts from the argument you should emphasizing.

3. Do not end on a close call leaving the reader feeling unhappy- Remember, your paper is meant to present evidence to support your work, so your goal should be to end it in such a way that the professor senses all topics have been addressed. Your goal is to create a self-contained argument within an essay, not leave the reader waiting for a sequel.

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