Inductive Technique in Speech Writing

Many teachers are curious about the inductive technique in speech writing and whether or not they should implement it into their lesson plans in speech and debate classes. In truth, the inductive technique is one important way in which many people design speeches today heard in all sorts of professional and governmental contexts. This being said, you don’t want your students to feel stuck and locked into this one style of writing speeches. Keep reading to learn more about this technique and how it will work when teaching your students.

What Is the Inductive Technique?

Most people explain the inductive technique by pointing out that it is when you begin a speech with a question that you want to answer. Instead of leading off with a thesis statement, a speaker will ask a question, such as “Is it beneficial to have a flat tax rate in the United States?” Then, the speaker answers the question in the speech by sharing all the possible positives and negatives that are associated with the question, such as “It might be more equal if everyone is expected to pay the same amount, but we are sure that most people cannot afford a high tax rate, especially if unemployed.”

By the end of going through the argument, it would point out all of the arguments that are in favor of one answer and others that are not. The point is to outline all of the possible reasons why you would choose yes or no, and then eventually lead to a logical conclusion based upon the information that is shared.

Inductive Technique in Speech Writing

Many people are aware that the inductive technique in speech writing can be manipulated in such a way that it can cover up some truths, avoid pointing out all important facets of an argument, and can lead a listener to the wrong conclusion. This is an especially important technique if you want to persuade someone to do something or to agree with your point, like for debate team arguments.

On the other hand, you have to realize that the inductive technique in speech writing can make listeners skeptical, and is not always the most effective way to deliver a speech about any subject. A eulogy, for example, would not be a great time to use the inductive technique – “Should we remember Max Honeywells as a great guy?” – unless you are looking for some humor at the funeral, of course.

When the Inductive Technique Is Especially Useful

If you are a legal professional, a member of a debate club, or debating a topic on your local town or city council board, using the inductive technique is a fabulous way to persuade a crowd to take your side on a particular issue. You can take an argument down a particular path of logic and make listeners feel like they are making the right decision by siding with you.

You also have an advantage because it allows you to expose your train of thought to your listeners. Instead of assuming how you came to your conclusions, your listeners will know right away why you believe what you believe, and will tend to think you are less biased because of your construction of the argument. This allows you to take the upper hand within a debate.

Other Alternatives to the Inductive Technique

If you are of the impression that the inductive technique is not right for your speech, try establishing your speech around a thesis statement instead of a question. Instead of pointing out all points, pick a few points that support your clause, and go with those.

You don’t want to bore your listeners with predictability, so it is important to mix up your speech writing style from time to time. For more information about the inductive technique in speech writing, look online to find examples of speeches that use the technique both successfully and unsuccessfully.

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