How to Write at the University Level

A key skill that universities require from students includes writing. Each undergraduate should be able to master this craft with practice.

To accelerate the process, here are some tips:

  • References – Avoid plagiarism by citing sources properly.
  • Style Guide – Each online college has its own set of rules. Popular style guides include APA, MLA and more. Determine which one is utilized, and then start researching their nature.
  • Authority – Write in an authoritative tone. This means choosing sources that are reliable. In an open online atmosphere, anyone can place information on public websites. However, the student’s ability to use sources that are trustworthy will separate success in writing from failure. Some examples of credible sources include newspapers, government data and more.
  • Outlines – In many instances, the lecturers will supply an outline for theses and research papers. Following this sketch makes writing easier. The student’s ability to follow directives will also contribute to the final grade.
  • Objective Writing – Rather than writing subjective material, university level writing for an essay, research paper or thesis should be neutral. To accomplish this, students should paint two sides of the story, then create conclusions based on evidence.
  • Brainstorm Topics – Create a working session to come up with topics that are interesting, but also practical in terms of finding sufficient resources for the paper or essay.

Additionally, online students are usually able to consult with students and professors through email or an online forum.

Quick Tip: Many top online universities recommend that students break down large writing projects into small tasks – then piece it together in the end. Doing so makes the assignment less overwhelming. This also allows students to spend quality time on each sector verses rushing to complete it in the end.

Quality work shows and is marked by higher grades. Recently, Online Colleges, a comparison site, conducted a study on how procrastination affects grades. In the study, the Ohio State University Research Department revealed that students who put off assignments usually receive inferior grades that average 2.9 out of a 4.0 grade scale.

Conclusion: Good writing takes time. In colleges that are fast paced, being proactive is key. There’s also a wise saying that reads: “Tomorrow is the busiest day of the year”. Therefore, if you have an assignment that needs to be written, start here, start now – somewhere.

Gradually students’ writing skills will pick up, and assignments will be completed successfully and on time.

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