How To Write A Research Paper

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Here are several proven techniques used by our professional staff, your writers.

Choose an interesting topic so the natural progression toward the topic will be transmitted effortlessly. (Natural flow.)
Brainstorm and list the main points and assess how and why their connection is so important. You’re on your way now! Insert an “abstract” after the cover page. An abstract is simply a requested 100-200 words that provides a glimpse of your research paper. Your main idea is promoted here along with discovered suggestions.
List main points collected from the countless avenues of information available to you. (Internet, library, newspaper, journals, other essays, and class notes will help you get your research paper started.)
Create a succinct outline including a well developed thesis statement.This is a vital component of the research paper; don’t complicate it. (Sometimes the word “thesis” makes students cringe.) Next, state your thesis with well thought assertions. Your outline will have a main category followed by two or more sub-categories; this style is the most common and referred to as an Alphanumeric Outline. You can elaborate even more by using the “Full Sentence” or “Topic Types.”
Research papers have introductions followed by a thesis statement. Organize all the research and review the information.
 It is important to use outside sources to lend credibility to your viewpoint of the research paper. Use sources to support your angle.
Background information on a research topic is often helpful for your reader’s comprehension of your topic of research.
Always explain definitions, terms and concepts contained in the research paper. This allows the reader to more readily identify with your chosen subject matter and is crucial in imparting an understanding to the reader.
Signal phrases are very beneficial as well. Signal phrases identify the onset of a quote by parenthetically stating the author and publication dates of the information. Take great care to cite properly; you don’t want to plagerize accidentally. Signal phrases are words that are declared, thought, and noted. Here is an example of a quote with a signal phrase: As Smith and Nystrom (2009) have noted, “…” This allows proper citation with a flow that’s smooth and professional, and enhances your paper’s presentation.
When writing your research paper, support all outside claims appropriately, and in the correct format. Most research papers are APA style format, but always double check with your paper’s details to avoid unwanted waste of your precious time.
You should always read you paper through from start to finish and actively check for errors of any type. Depending on the required format, the last page you will write is a “References” page or for APA style or a “Works Cited” for MLA.
The primary difference between research papers and essays is their format. APA is used for social sciences papers, while MLA is used more for liberal arts and humanities subjects. Whichever format, creating a thesis then supporting it with outside sources provides ample challenge. Regardless of the format, avoid plagiarismperiod.
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