Comprehending the purpose of essays on racism

Racism is a form of discrimination on the basis of race, which is a widespread phenomenon around the world. Unfortunately, it didn’t appear yesterday. People always used to create conflicts based on hatred in regard to people of different races. Therefore, one can say that racism is a significant part of the history of humanity. It is the consequence of stereotypes which people have because of their restricted and poor worldview. While humanity faces various problems of political, economic and environmental character, people are still making additional troubles, instead of solving problems what they already have. Writing a paper on racism is your opportunity to express your viewpoint concerning the problem of race-based discrimination and how to deal with it. Read further to learn how write an interesting and remarkable racism essay.

Papers on racism are meant to demonstrate your attitude to the phenomenon of racism existing in the world. In order to complete this paper, you are going to do a research, which will help you learn many interesting facts, including historical and statistical. You are expected to show your awareness of the term, your attitude to racism and to suggest possible ways of dealing with it. As a matter of fact, you can write a how-to-do essay explaining how to stop being a racist, how to avoid and prevent its influences, how to reduce it or how to become an activist against discrimination on the basis of race.

If you are asked to write an argumentative essay on racism , you need to convince your potential reader in your rightness concerning certain issue that you proved in your paper. For example, if the main point of your paper is that racism is a sort of weapon directed at the humanity, you need to provide your essay with such arguments and evidence, that could convince the reader, even if he or she is a racist, that discrimination on the basis of race is the means of killing people, which has to be stopped. Let us enlighten more precisely how to write this essay.

How to write a persuasive essay on racism

At first, it is important that you get acquainted with the basic characteristics of the persuasive essay. Generally speaking, you need to find out how you are going to support your main idea with logical and rational statement, how to provide evidence and examples. Look at the common elements of the argumentative essay:

  • A certain thesis statement that provides your main point and lets the reader know what he will read about.
  • Logical links between the sections and paragraphs of your essay.
  • Claims proving your thesis statement.
  • Relative sources supporting your claims.
  • A logical conclusion including the presented earlier evidence.
  • Citations supporting your idea throughout your paper with references indicating the sources.

Keep in mind that the most important element of your essay is going to be a strong argumentation. In order to provide it, you need to have good ideas, which are not always easy to come up with. There is a helpful method of generating ideas, that is used by many writers and students. It is brainstorming and mind-mapping. Taking time before you choose a concrete topic of your essay is necessary, as long as you need to make up ideas, write them down and select the best of them to include in your essay.


Coming up with ideas for your racism argumentative essay

  • You can write about the connection between racism and slavery. What are their similarities and differences?
  • Write about the negative role of racism in contemporary society.
  • The effect of discrimination on African Americans in the United States in the ninetieth century.
  • Write about racism in movies. Here, it would be beneficial to provide examples from famous films, if appropriate.
  • Write about discrimination of Arabians in Europe.
  • Write an essay proving why people must stop racism.
  • Prove that racism is a kind of dangerous global disease.
  • Write about discrimination of people from Asia throughout the world.
  • Do a research on the race-based discrimination in schools and colleges in the United States.

These are some of the ideas that may help you come up with your topic. Apart from it, you may provide in your essay guidelines for those who want to become proactive against race-based discrimination or who fight agains racism in their daily life. For example, you may let your reader know the importance of celebrating differences, the ways of avoiding effects of racism, how to understand other races, how to manage reducing discrimination and so on. Try to convince the reader that all people around the world are equal in their rights, feelings and that physical differences, such as the color of the skin and hair, the form of the eyes, etc. are only advantages that make the world more bright and interesting. How it would be like if all people in the world look similar? Would it be a better place to live? Of course, not. This may be the main point of your essay. Remember that your most important task, which the success of your paper depends on, is to find and use appropriately such arguments that would be just indisputable. Apart from it, try to write a strong conclusion provoking your reader to further thinking on the issue of racism in the light of provided in your paper arguments.

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